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Ohdoki, the Company Behind The Handy, Ignites Buzz at CES 2024 News

In the dazzling realm of CES 2024, Ohdoki, the company behind The Handy, emerged as a revolutionary force, captivating audiences from various media platforms. Let's explore the excitement surrounding their pleasure companions as captured by different sources. 

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Ohdoki’s Record-Breaking Event: 750 Users Join Largest Handy Multi-Control Show to Welcome the New Year Engineering

In a groundbreaking achievement in the tech and adult entertainment industries, Ohdoki, the innovative company behind The Handy, shattered records on December 30, 2023. Partnering with AdultSync, an official partner, Ohdoki orchestrated the world's largest handy multi-control show, welcoming a staggering 750 users to the AdultSync platform for an unforgettable experience.

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Indulge in An Immersive Pleasure Experience with The Handy and SLR’s Cutting-Edge AI Scripts About the product

No more waiting – embark on a captivating virtual encounter with your preferred models the instant their latest video is released, all thanks to the collaborative efforts of SexLikeReal (SLR) and The Handy. SLR harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to craft remarkably precise scripts that seamlessly synchronize with The Handy, offering a streamlined and exceptional interactive pleasure experience. 

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Digital Desires Meet Real-World Sensations: Carnal+ and The Handy News

In the ever-evolving world of adult entertainment, two industry pioneers are joining forces to redefine the way users engage with their content. CarnalPlus, a trailblazer in gay adult content, has partnered with The Handy, a cutting-edge pleasure technology innovator, to create an unprecedented level of immersion and interactivity. 

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The Handy HandsFree Desk Mount: Fulfilling Your Pleasure Dreams About the product

In today's world of ever-evolving technology, it's a rare gem to encounter a company that not only crafts exceptional products but also dedicates itself to the desires of its valued users. We have exemplified this commitment with the launch of our eagerly awaited accessory, the Handy HandsFree Desk Mount. This remarkable innovation not only elevates the user experience but also underscores our dedication to enhancing pleasure in the ways our users have been yearning for. 

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Handy and FeelMe AI: A Revolutionary Collaboration Transforming Intimacy News

In the ever-evolving world of sex technology, innovation knows no bounds. The latest groundbreaking collaboration between our company, The Handy, and FeelMe AI is poised to redefine the way we experience intimacy. This partnership, driven by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to enhancing human connections, has resulted in a remarkable fusion of our state-of-the-art pleasure device, The Handy, and FeelMe AI's immersive content platform.  

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