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Enter the Handyverse


We're happy to release our most complete interactivity app for the Handy yet.

The full-featured Handyverse app is out now — available for Android and iOS. If you’ve installed our initial release of the Handyverse app, you’ll be prompted to update.

This version of Handyverse brings with it remote control, local video playback, and the random stroke generator in app form. It also bundles the Bluetooth-based setup for getting your Handy connected to Wi-Fi.

You’ll also notice that HandyFeeling has changed as well. As we’ve mentioned before, we are now building the Handyverse app from a single codebase, which means we can keep consistency across all platforms.

As a consequence, HandyFeeling and Handyverse are the same app. This brings some benefits with it, namely the fact that we have implemented WebBLE, which provides Bluetooth connectivity through the browser (though only on Chrome-based browsers). So if your computer has Bluetooth connectivity, you can configure your Handy through it. It’s very convenient and we hope it makes for a smoother Handy experience.

We’d love it if you could try the app and give us a review on the relevant app store.

Going forward, we have a lot of ideas in terms of how to develop the Handyverse. We hope you’ll be with us on this journey!