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Ohdoki, the Company Behind The Handy, Ignites Buzz at CES 2024


In the dazzling realm of CES 2024, Ohdoki, the company behind The Handy, emerged as a revolutionary force, captivating audiences from various media platforms. Let's explore the excitement surrounding their pleasure companions as captured by different sources. 

Firstly, the announcement of Ohdoki opening its U.S. headquarters in Miami marked a significant milestone for the Norwegian SexTech startup. This expansion showcased the global reach and growth of OhDoki, setting the stage for the unveiling of their newest product. 

The anticipation peaked as Ohdoki’s newest Oh! Vibrator took center stage at CES 2024, garnering attention from major outlets such as CNET. The articles “New Sex Tech at CES Promises to Give You the ‘Oh!’” and “19 Gadgets From CES 2024 You Can Buy Right Now” highlighted the Oh! Vibrator as a standout in the realm of SexTech. The comprehensive coverage not only showcased the product’s features but also contributed to its status as a must-have item from CES. 

Mashable, known for its tech-savvy audience, added to the fervor with articles like “Buzzy CES Vibrator Looks — and Acts — Like a Remote” and “Pre-order the Remote-like Oh! Vibrator and Get It for 50% Off Prior to Release“. These pieces highlighted the product’s unique design and engaged potential customers by offering an exclusive pre-order discount. 

The Daily Mail’s feature delved into the future of sex toys showcased at CES 2024, emphasizing the Oh! Vibrator as a groundbreaking innovation. The article explored the broader trends in sex tech, positioning Ohdoki as a pioneer in the industry. 

The Verge contributed to the buzz with “This High-Tech Sex Toy Syncs Its Vibes with Music“, adding a musical dimension to the Oh! Vibrator. The synchronization with music elevated the product from a conventional sex toy to an immersive and dynamic experience. 

HypeBae, in its article “CES 2024: OhDoki Releases ‘Oh!’ Worthy Pleasure Companion“, recognized OhDoki’s Oh! Vibrator as a standout among the best products unveiled at CES. This acknowledgment from a fashion-forward platform added a layer of sophistication to the product’s image. 

TechCrunch, a respected authority in the tech industry, covered the broader landscape with “CES Has Almost Fully Succeeded in Chasing Sex-Tech off Its Show Floors“. This article provided context to the challenges and successes of sex tech at CES, positioning Ohdoki’s Oh! Vibrator within the larger narrative of the evolving industry. 

Lastly, Gizmodo identified a notable trend with “Tech Gets Horny at CES“, recognizing the rising prominence of sexual wellness tech at the event. This acknowledgment further solidified Ohdoki’s Oh! Vibrator as a key player in the emerging trend. 

The buzz surrounding Ohdoki’s products at CES 2024 was not only a testament to their innovative design and features but also an indication of paradigm shifts in the perception of SexTech. As Ohdoki continues to captivate audiences worldwide, the echoes of its CES 2024 debut resonate as a defining moment in the evolution of intimate technology for years to come.