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Indulge in An Immersive Pleasure Experience with The Handy and SLR’s Cutting-Edge AI Scripts


No more waiting – embark on a captivating virtual encounter with your preferred models the instant their latest video is released, all thanks to the collaborative efforts of SexLikeReal (SLR) and The Handy. SLR harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to craft remarkably precise scripts that seamlessly synchronize with The Handy, offering a streamlined and exceptional interactive pleasure experience. 

The Handy, the world’s smartest stroker, unquestionably stands as the premier choice for engaging with SLR’s extensive library of VR adult content. The Handy represents a technical marvel and asserts its dominance as the most advanced pleasure device on the market. 

The prowess of SLR’s AI scripts is so impressive that a prominent UK publication lauded them as “the most significant advancement in the realm of adult-oriented virtual reality experiences in years.” Employing these scripts in conjunction with The Handy offers a profound experience, bearing striking resemblance to true intimacy, particularly when combined with SLR’s stunning 8K scenes.  

What sets this partnership apart is the elimination of the waiting period for script creation. The developers at SLR have harnessed the capabilities of AI to create scripts that allow The Handy to match the on-screen action. The moment a new scene is released, an AI script accompanies it. They essentially come hand-in-hand. 

Furthermore, you have the unique opportunity to employ this technology alongside SLR’s unparalleled mixed-reality AR passthrough feature, which places your favorite adult film stars in your very own living space. This feature seamlessly integrates with the cutting-edge Meta Quest 3. 

Are you eager to be among the first to experience an intimate virtual encounter with your beloved adult film stars? Simply keep an eye on the “new” and “coming soon” sections of SLR and be prepared to dive headfirst into the world of sensory delight with The Handy the moment it becomes available.