Can I rely on your discretion regarding invoicing, packaging and shipment?

Definitely! Your Handy™ is packed discretely and the invoicing and shipping documents simply state “Massager”.

How fast will it be shipped?

All orders will be handled when they are received. Hence, it will be shipped same day or the next, depending on the time zone you are in.

Is shipping included?

Shipping is included to the Unites States, Canada and Australia due to taxes and regulations. A small shipping cost will be added at check out for orders other than these countries.

Is VAT included?

Shipping is included to the Unites States, Canada and Australia due to taxes and regulations. A small shipping cost will be added at check out for orders other than these countries.

Is Toll and VAT included in the total price?

YES! The package will be sent as DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) package. This implies that toll and/or VAT duties are being covered by us. You as a customer should feel comfortable that the price you pay gives you the product to your home without additional costs.

What if I regret my purchase after I ordered my Handy™?

We are all allowed to regret, and we will do our best in order to assist if you for some reason do not want the Handy™ you’ve ordered.

If you regret your purchase after completing the order, please send us an e mail to contact@thehandy.com. If the product has not shipped, we will arrange for a cancellation.

If the product has shipped we can arrange for a return. The shipping cost both ways must be covered by you.

We cannot accept used Handy™ machines given the nature of the product, but we are confident that you will love Handy™ when you get to know it! In other words, no need to return it.

Are you offering any guarantees on the Handy™?

YES! Of course!

The Handy™ is built to last and our test machines in our office/lab has run for over 500 kilometers / 310 miles (and still running). The machine is supposed to give hours of pleasure in addition to the future firmware updates that will “make the product new” with additional features and optimization. So be prepared to have your Handy™ for a long time!

The Handy™ therefore comes with a one (1) year warranty on the motor, gear and electronics. The warranty period starts from the day of purchase and covers defects due to manufacturing errors or faulty parts. The warranty does not cover the sleeve or the TrueGrip™ band.

Please do not open or tamper with the Handy™ if broken, as the warranty will be waived if tampered with. Contact us as soon as possible if the product is broken and we will sort it out right away.

Asking for a friend, he is not the average guy. Will he still get the promised sensual experience?

The soft and pliable Handy Sleeve fasten with the Handy TrueGrip-system ensures a snug fit, independent of your friend’s size. One size truly fits all!

Do I need an Internet connection to use Handy™?

No! Handy™ works just as well without an Internet connection. In fact, the basic design is offline performance (Wi-Fi is default off). However, you need to connect the device in order to update the firmware if you would like to improve your Handy when new firmware is released.

Is it OK to use a lubricant?

Using lube gives a unique sensational feeling! We recommend you use only water-based lubricants that do not affect the sleeve material.

Does Handy run on batteries?

No. We designed Handy™ with a quiet and powerful brushless motor to meet power and control requirements. Including a battery pack in the housing would both increase weight and ruin the ergonomics. And imagine the disappointment if you run out of power just before….

What does it mean that the Handy™ is IoT ready?

As an Internet of Things device, the Handy™ is ready for the future. It is compatible with different services as Google Home, Video Sync, remote control and VR. However, we have not yet launched this commercially. The Handy has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth opening a world of possibilities. Handy can be updated through internet, and we will continuously develop new services and improve the machine.

In the current offering, customers are given an opportunity to try out our Beta connector where you can control the Handy™  and sync with video with a cell phone, computer or a tablet. Visit handyfeeling.com for more information.

Is Handy™ water resistant / waterproof?

No! Handy is NOT waterproof. Using Handy in a wet environment is a health hazard and can result in fatal electric shock.

Can I buy Handy™ in physical stores?

Not at the moment but this will change in the upcoming months. We are however an online company, where our primary sales activity will be through our webpage. The information online and the various reviews will hopefully be enough to make you try out the Handy™.

If you are in Norway products can be bought online at Nytelse.no.