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The Handy Dream Sleeve Collection – Touch EU/UK

NOK412.50(incl. MVA)

Experience the wildest hand job with the Touch sleeve.

Touch is created as an open-ended sleeve with strategically placed “petals” to mimic the firm grip of an exhilarating hand job.

  • From the rounded entrance, you get intense stimulation on your frenulum and glans as you guide your penis through the ribbed texture.
  • Pushing through the 5-point “petals” throughout the sleeve, feel a sensation that mimics that of someone teasing your frenulum while giving you a hand job.
  • With different patterns and resistance from both ends of the sleeve, strokes are more rigid than the other sleeves in the Dream collection and you feel the inside of the sleeve significantly. Ideal for those looking for intense stimulation!
  • Using a water-based lubricant is recommended.