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The Handy Dream Sleeve Collection – Lotus EU/UK

NOK412.50(incl. MVA)

Experience a soft, gentle caress when you first guide your penis into the Lotus sleeve. Lotus is created to mimic the sensation of the vagina.

  • Feel the soft pressure at the entrance as the Lotus gently envelops your penis with wavy patterns.  
  • The curves and strategically placed bobbles on the innermost section massage and stimulate the glans as the head pushes through, whilst you continue to feel snugness at the base of the penis. 
  • If you are lucky, you might feel the “G-spot” at the very end of the sleeve! 
  • This sleeve is recommended for those looking for a tight but soft sensation. 
  • In our user tests, this sleeve was a favourite due to the contrast in textures. Some commented that it also felt great post-orgasm due to how gentle it is compared with other sleeves. 
  • Using a water-based lubricant is recommended.