Extra TrueGrip Sleeve for the Handy™

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The TrueGrip sleeve is designed to ensure maximum pleasure with Handy™ and should last for a long time.

However, it is always good to have a couple of extra available.

Easy cleaning

The patent-pending sleeve turns cleaning into a quick and easy job. Just rinse the sleeve with water after use – it’s that simple. It is equipped with “guide tracks” to ensure that it does not fall out of place with the True Grip Band.

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2 reviews for Extra TrueGrip Sleeve for the Handy™

  1. Simon Wilson

    The sleeve in combination with the handy is amazing.. I’m not sure how but for a simple design the sleeve feels like a real BJ. I found it works best if you squeeze out all the air. This give additional sucking sensation which feels fantastic.

  2. Justin Driver (verified owner)

    Great sleeve. The only thing I would change is the area that the strap sinks into should be more hard and more indention. reason being is sometimes when edging the strap can slip past the indention and come of the sleeve making you have to shut down and restrap it up, lube it up and keep at it.

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