Extra TrueGrip Sleeve for the Handy™

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The TrueGrip sleeve is designed to ensure maximum pleasure with Handy™ and should last for a long time.

However, it is always good to have a couple of extra available.

Easy cleaning

The patent-pending sleeve turns cleaning into a quick and easy job. Just rinse the sleeve with water after use – it’s that simple. It is equipped with “guide tracks” to ensure that it does not fall out of place with the True Grip Band.

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1 review for Extra TrueGrip Sleeve for the Handy™

  1. Simon Wilson

    The sleeve in combination with the handy is amazing.. I’m not sure how but for a simple design the sleeve feels like a real BJ. I found it works best if you squeeze out all the air. This give additional sucking sensation which feels fantastic.

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