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Starter Collection Europe – Accessories

Original price was: NOK670.00.Current price is: NOK603.00.(incl. MVA)

New to the Handyverse? Just bought a Handy and want to try out our Gen 2 sleeves? Keen to know the difference between the standard band and our best-selling PRO Band?

Begin your journey with our Starter Collection – Accessories.

This bundle includes:

TrueGrip™ Gen 2 Sleeve EU/UK

The Handy TrueGrip Gen 2 Sleeve is based on the classic Original TrueGrip design, but with a longer length, thicker opening lip, and a textured outside surface to create a more secure hold (or a different sensation if flipped inside-out). The longer length means that it can be held with a double-handed grip, creating more possibilities if used by itself outside of the Handy.

True Grip PRO Band for the Handy EU/UK

TrueGrip Band for Handy is made with slightly elastic fabric and features an anti-slip silicone pattern on the inner face to hold your sleeve securely and provide the perfect pressure. The velcro fastening along the length of the band allows for quick and easy fitting.


  • Elastic fabric for a more secure hold
  • 20mm longer than the previous design
  • Adjustable up to an approx. diameter of 4cm to 7.5cm ****(unstretched)
  • Anti-slip silicone pattern for a stronger grip

Cleaning and care guidelines:

  • Clean the TrueGrip Band with cold water and soap. Hand wash only.
  • Allow your TrueGrip Band to air dry. Do not try to put it in a dryer.


  • Length: 29cm
  • Width: 4.5cm
  • Materials: Velcro, Elastic, Silicone, Leatherette

Installation Steps