Introducing the TrueGrip Gen 2 Sleeve


Meet the next generation of the Handy sleeve!

What is the TrueGrip Gen 2? 

As the name suggests, it’s a new sleeve based on the classic TrueGrip Original which has been the default sleeve of the Handy since the beginning of our journey.  

Although we (and many users!) have been very happy with the Original sleeve since its conception, we are always keeping an ear out for suggestions from the community to inform what we do next – and based on popular community feedback, we decided to go to the drawing board and come up with something special for our users. 

How is it different from the TrueGrip Original?

The basis of the Gen 2’s design comes from community input. Here’s what we did: 

It’s longer than the TrueGrip Original  20mm longer to be exact. This means that it reaches the very bottom better, with the intention of fully encapsulating the base of the penis. For those of you who have been using 3D printed sleeve holders to hold the Original sleeve lower down, this will be a big plus!

This means that it’s also more roomy. Many users have given feedback that when the TrueGrip Original stretches over the head, the sensations are not as strong. Less stretching = better sensations

A thicker lip at the start of the sleeve is both beneficial practically (keeps fluids contained) and creates a different more secure and enveloping sensation

An enhanced grip with the band through better spaced ridges and a grippy texture makes it less likely to slip out of the TrueGrip band during use, something the longer length also helps with. Tip: you can flip it inside out for different sensations too!

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes photos of making the Gen 2 Sleeve:

Testing the Gen 2 

We sent samples to some users in the community and here’s what they had to say to give you an idea of what you can expect from the Gen 2.

Quotes from the community:

“The more I use the Gen 2 sleeve, the more I love it! The fit is perfect and it’s fun to play with even before strapping into the Handy. I’ve tried multiple sleeves (open and closed) and this one is my favorite.

I really love that I can comfortably double grip with the Gen 2 sleeve (two hands) when preparing to strap into the Handy. The length of the sleeve allows for opposing rotations with double grip, which is amazing. The original sleeve was too short for this. The thicker lip of the Gen 2 sleeve does help prevent it from slipping out of the Handy strap. This has been a major point of convenience the more I have used the Gen 2 sleeve. I had a tougher time navigating the balance of strap tightness to prevent slipping out vs. squeezing too hard (“death grip”) with the Original TrueGrip sleeve.”

– length: 7″ girth: >5″

“I’ve also noticed that theres actually two surfaces for double the fun which I love! I would imagine the outer design is meant for BJ’s while the inner ones are meant to copy how a vag would be like! “

– length: between 5-6” girth: above 5 inches (12.7cm)

Pleasure of usage

84.7% found the Gen 2 very pleasurable to use vs. 61.6% for the TrueGrip Original (voted from 8-10 on a scale of 1-10).

Comfort of usage

84.7% found Gen 2 to be very comfortable to use vs 52.9% for the TrueGrip Original (voted from 8-10 on a scale of 1-10).

Where can I get the TrueGrip Gen 2? 

The TrueGrip Gen 2 is available to buy in our stores now — get yours today and let us know what you think!