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The Handy Dream Sleeve Collection – Chrysm EU/UK

NOK412.50(incl. MVA)

Inspired by anal play, The Chrysm Sleeve is the latest addition to The Handy’s Dream Sleeves Collection, a line of products thoughtfully designed to enhance the most intimate moments of your life.


  • Inspired by the anus canal. Chrysm is created to mimic sensations of anal play.
  • Feel the alternating tight and loose areas as you guide your penis through the sleeve.
  • Innovatively designed to expel air through a small hole on its top part, this sleeve will remain snug on to the penis to create a suction effect that reduces intense sensitivity.
  • Using a water-based lubricant is recommended.

Cleaning and Care Guidelines

  • Clean your sleeve directly after use with soap and water.
  • Dry with a towel or leave it on a clean surface to dry naturally.
  • Place the sleeve back in the shell until your next use.


  • Material: TPE
  • Length: 130-140mm (5.1’’)
  • Diameter: 10-38mm (0.38-1.5’’)