The Handy

10-600 strokes per minute

Syncs with online content

More than 60.000 sold

Up to


strokes per second

Up to


stroke length



sleeves available

The Future of Masturbation
Humans have masturbated as long as they’ve had hands. Then came the taboos, the judgement, and the stigma.
It’s time we move beyond that.
One-year warranty
Discreet delivery
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It pays to have the peace of mind that comes from solid engineering.
Closest I’ve gotten to the feeling of a real hand or blowjob without having one.
The utmost versatility when it comes to personalization, offering the ability to alter stroke length, grip and speed just how you like it.
Powered by
the Internet
Video Sync
The Handy recreates every motion in your favorite videos, from blowjobs to penetration.
Local Video Player
Play videos and FunScripts from your own video library — on any platform.
Remote Control
Control your Handy over the Internet — or let a partner take control.
Mobile App
Our Handyverse app puts the power of every Handy application into your pocket.
Random Stroker
Let an algorithm decide your pleasure while you enjoy yourself.
Open API
Control the Handy through an API and create apps and integrations to your heart’s content.
Engineered for infinite pleasure
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Interactive sex assecure as your bank
Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
The Handy connects directly to your Wi-Fi after initial Bluetooth configuration.
Firmware Updates
The Handy evolves with new features on a rolling basis. Become part of the journey.
Secure by Design
No accounts, no data collection, and a total focus on personal privacy.
Masturbation lifted to a sci-fi level
High Build Quality
The Handy is made with premium components meant to last for many sessions.
TrueGrip Connector
Our velcro connector system allows the Handy to work with your existing sex toys.
Norwegian Aesthetics
The Handy is elegant and inconspicuous — a testament to Scandinavian minimalism.
Orgasm Automation
Never work hard for an orgasm ever again.
Unmatched speed and power
From 10 strokes per minute and up to 600 strokes without exhaustion.
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Slow, delicate movement
Relaxed and gentle sensations can last for hours. Kick back and unwind with slow and gentle strokes.
Suited to your preference
Focus on the most stimulating part of your penis with the configurable stroke zone.
World-class video partners
We’ve partnered with some of the best in the business to bring you premium interactive Handy content.
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Stroke length
0-110mm (0-4.3")
Brushless motor
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 4.2
Dual-core processor
Input power: 100–240V
Output power: 12 V/3 A
Power plug: 5.5 mm × 2.5 mm
TrueGrip sleeve system
1 × TrueGrip band
1 × TrueGrip sleeve
Max speed
10 strokes per second
Theoretical max speed — 1600mm/s
Practical max speed — ~600mm/s
4 × Hall sensors
2 × Temperature sensors
2 × Infrared sensors
1 × Lock detect sensor
Length: 230 mm (10.5")
Diameter: 70 mm (2.75")
Weight: 1.6 kg
What’s in it for you?
Besides the best automated orgasms of your life?
You get a glimpse of the future — today.
We’re striving to build a community that’s inclusive, sex positive, unashamed, and unwilling to stay silent about one of the best parts of being alive.
And we want our attitude to take over the world.
What are you waiting for?
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