Just got your Handy?

We'll walk you through being comfortable, relaxed, and excited to explore the connected Handy experience.

A new experience

The Handy is unlike any other masturbation experience ⁠— it may take a few uses to feel comfortable.

We recommend that you start slow and get a feel for how the Handy moves. Once you understand the motion of the strokes, you should explore different stroke lengths and speeds.

Supercharge your sex toys

The Handy automates masturbation ⁠— its connector system can support many other sleeves and manual strokers.

We strongly recommend using a lubricant.

the handy box

Getting in position

instruction step one
Place the sleeve on the penis and loosen the velcro band to make room for the sleeve.
instruction step two
Position the Handy on your abdomen and tighten the strap to your preference.
instruction step three
Plug in the power cable, press the power button, and enjoy yourself.
Enjoy the wonders of a Handy session!

Handy Modes

The handy
Offline Mode
The default mode the Handy enters when plugged in to power. In this mode, the Handy does not broadcast any signal and it is controllable using the buttons on its body.
How to enter mode
This is the default mode of the Handy when turned on.
The handy
Bluetooth Mode
The mode used for connecting Handy to the Handyverse app (available for iOS and Android ). You cannot connect to the Internet while in Bluetooth Mode.
How to enter mode
Press and hold Wi-Fi button from Offline Mode.
The handy
Online Mode
The mode used for connecting to HandyFeeling and other online services. You cannot connect to the Handyverse app while in Online Mode.
How to enter mode
Click Wi-Fi button once from Offline Mode.
Note: You must connect your Handy to Wi-Fi for this mode to work.

Offline Mode

By default the Handy always starts in Offline Mode.

In Offline Mode, the Handy can be controlled manually with the four buttons on its front.

Stroke Settings

The Handy saves your stroke settings from session to session. However, the speed setting is always reset to the minimum for safety reasons.

Stroke Zone Adjustment

The Handy’s stroke zone can be adjust if, for example, you wish to only focus on the tip of the penis.

To adjust the lower point of the stroke upwards, press and hold the Up button.

To adjust it downwards, press and hold the Down button.

Each blink of the LED will indicate that the stroke point has changed by one unit.

The handy offline

Online Mode

Connect your Handy to your Wi-Fi and get access to synchronized videos, apps, and updates for the Handy.

How to connect >