The Handy: Sweden’s Favorite Masturbator for Penis Owners


When it comes to pleasure products for penis owners, the market offers a wide range of options. However, according to a recent survey conducted by the Swedish sexual health and wellness magazine, one product stood out among the rest.   The Handy, our cutting-edge automatic stroker, emerged as the top choice. With over 3,000 responses from their e-mail subscribers, this survey provided valuable insight into the preferences and experiences of satisfied users that we’re excited to share.

Quality Craftsmanship and Realistic Sensations 

One of the recurring themes in the reviews provided by of The Handy is its exceptional build quality. Users praise its solid construction, emphasizing the attention to detail and the realistic sensations it provides.  

As one user wrote, “The Handy feels so well built, both in terms of quality and the actual experience of using it.” This sentiment is echoed by others who appreciate the lifelike stimulation it offers, noting that it surpasses many other popular products available on the market. 

Versatile and Customizable Pleasure 

We take pride in The Handy’s standout feature lies in its ability to deliver personalized pleasure. With a wide range of customizable settings, users can control the speed, intensity, and rhythm of the stroking motion.  

This adaptability ensures that every user can find their perfect setting, catering to their unique preferences and desires. As a satisfied user shared, “You can make it stimulate you in so many ways, from fast to very slow, and always with passion.” Such versatility makes The Handy an all-in-one pleasure device that has the capacity to cater to a variety of individual needs. 

A Natural and Sensuous Experience 

One of the challenges we faced in designing the perfect automatic stroker is replicating the natural sensations of human touch. Over time, The Handy seems to have achieved this delicate balance, as users laud the device’s lifelike movements.  

A reviewer highlighted, “The movement of the sleeve has a sensitive human feeling to it that’s actually really hard to get right.” The Handy has outdone itself in creating a feeling that simulates a realistic experience. This has provided users with a heightened level of pleasure and satisfaction that is hard to beat. 

Innovative Design and User-Friendly Experience 

The Handy’s modern and sleek design is another aspect that resonates with users. Its contemporary Scandinavian aesthetic makes it visually appealing, while its ergonomic construction ensures ease of use.  

Users appreciate the visibility of their own penis during the experience, as it adds a heightened level of intimacy and excitement. As one reviewer noted, “Love that you see your own penis while the machine is stroking your penis. It adds a sexy feeling to it and also makes it hotter to use with a partner.” 

Superior Quality and Easy Maintenance 

Aside from the performance, The Handy excels in practical aspects as well. Users have taken note of the device’s durability and reliability, emphasizing its ability to withstand regular use. What’s more, The Handy’s ease of cleaning after use is a significant advantage, simplifying maintenance and hygiene. 

A reviewer commented, “It’s quiet, does a flawless job AND is super easy to clean after you’re done. I mean, what more can you wish for?” 

Reimagining Sexual Experiences for Everyone  

With its outstanding performance, customizable features, and exceptional user experience, The Handy earned itself the title as the most popular masturbator for penis owners amongst users. We were thrilled to see this accolade solidified through positive reviews and feedback.  

Are you convinced and ready to experience the ultimate pleasure with The Handy? Join the satisfied users who have discovered a new level of satisfaction in their lives. Visit our store now to explore everything The Handy has to offer.