Ohdoki’s Record-Breaking Event: 750 Users Join Largest Handy Multi-Control Show to Welcome the New Year


In a groundbreaking achievement in the tech and adult entertainment industries, Ohdoki, the innovative company behind The Handy, shattered records on December 30, 2023. Partnering with AdultSync, an official partner, Ohdoki orchestrated the world's largest handy multi-control show, welcoming a staggering 750 users to the AdultSync platform for an unforgettable experience.

The event was more than just a celebration; it was a carefully orchestrated display of Ohdoki’s cutting-edge technology. The purpose of this multi-control show was two-fold: to fulfill the long-anticipated desires of the community and to showcase the unparalleled technological capabilities of The Handy. This event featured zero latency synchronization, proof of 3rd party integration, and an extraordinary ability to host an immense crowd without a hitch. 

As anticipation reached a fever pitch, the community eagerly awaited the momentous event. The show was a gift to enthusiasts who had been clamoring for something of this magnitude. Ohdoki recognized the desire within their community and worked closely with AdultSync to spare no effort in delivering an experience that would be etched into the memories of all who participated. 

The technology showcased during the event underscored Ohdoki’s commitment to pushing boundaries. The zero-latency synchronization left users pleased as they witnessed a seamless and immersive experience. The proof of 3rd party integration demonstrated the device’s versatility in adapting to a variety of content, while the server’s ability to handle a record-breaking 750 users simultaneously showcased the robustness of Ohdoki’s infrastructure. 

The performer behind this record-breaking multi-control show was none other than the talented adult performer, Haley Spades. With an infectious enthusiasm, she extended a warm invitation to the community, urging them to witness the revolutionary technology that set The Handy apart from any other in the market. Haley Spades’ involvement not only added a touch of star power but also highlighted the performer-friendly aspects of Ohdoki’s technology. 

The multi-control show was a testament to the company’s dedication to its community and the continuous innovation that propels The Handy to the forefront of the industry. With this remarkable feat, Ohdoki has firmly established itself as a pioneer, ready to lead the way into a future where technology and adult entertainment seamlessly converge.