HandsFree Happiness: A Community Member’s HandsFree Desk Mount Review


Hey everyone! This is Xephaholic from the Handy community! Today, I am elated to do a review for the Handy HandsFree Desk mount + HandsFree Cup. Without further ado, let’s get into it.  

Receiving the Parcel 

The parcel itself was well packaged and very discreet. The box itself is filled with bubble wrap to ensure the item was well protected on its journey here. Very nice of them!  

Unboxing the HandsFree Desk Mount 

The box itself feels premium to me. With a black, matte finish, it looks quite cool and slick. It feels great to touch. Opening the box was simple. Let’s check out the contents inside! 

Versatility: C-CLAMP 

First, we have the metal clamp. The clamp is a nice C-clamp that is required for the mount to be attached to the desk. With a simple twist knob at the bottom, it’s very easy to put it on the desk as well as detach it from the desk. This was my favorite part about setting it up.  

The C-Clamp itself comes with pre-drilled holes that make it obvious to the user where to mount the arm attachments. Just a few twists and the setup is complete. With the mount, I achieved a HandsFree experience in just a matter of seconds. 

Once tightened and put into place, it did not move much at all. Even with the high-speed intensity of The Handy.  

Protection: Rubber Pads 

For those who are worried that the clamp might fall out of place, there are rubber pads located near the clamp areas to hold it still. This also will prevent clamp marks from damaging your desk. Talk about hitting 2 birds with one stone! The rubber pads themselves are thick, so handling the weight of the handy and not leaving a mark is a tick in my list.  

Extendibility: Metal Arms 

When the C-clamp is in place, the user will then have to attach the arms. I noticed that the arms are made up of aluminum alloy and can be mounted very easily by just twisting them into the holes provided by the C-Clamp as mentioned earlier.  

The arms do have silver plates that allow you to adjust the angle of The Handy to a U-Shaped Precut. Do take note of this function.  

The durability is seemingly verry sturdy, albeit the light feeling of the product itself. This is especially important knowing it will be withstanding some heavy power.  

Knobs on the arms 

The arms have a knob included to lock onto the desired position for The Handy to be used. This function is intuitive and very well done. Bravo to The Handy company.  

Turning the knobs was completely effortless. They’re not too big, nor too small. They were just the right height in order for me to adjust the mount accordingly. They’re also easy to reach while in use, which I believe is the most important part. Having the arm in the right position is vital to ensure a completely immersive experience while consuming the media of choice.  

Speaking of media, I would like to share a MUST HAVE function. Adult videos that are able to synchronize to The Handy. 

This is for those who enjoy cowgirl rides the most… I can’t begin to explain how good it feels to have the Handy going all the way down when you’re seated. Just like what’s happening in the video. It truly is what you see is what you feel experience.  

With the HandsFree Mount, it elevates your experience to a whole new level. You won’t be able to go back to handheld once you try this. Letting The Handy work HandsFree allows for complete immersion in the video of choice. 

The Handy has partnered with some of the best companies around, such as SexLikeReal. You can simply get an account that includes scripts on SexLikeReal, insert your Handy key in their DevoVR app, and you are golden.  

Ball Joints  

Moving the HandsFree Desk Mount from side to side was criminally smooth. There wasn’t any sound. It’s completely silent. Making it ninja-level subtle for all those stealthy plays at night! Love it.  

For those afraid you’ll have a mounting device that crackles at any movement, this is NOT going to happen. This mount has a very sturdy feeling to it when moving it left to right. If you ever feel out of position, it’s very simple to loosen the knob and start adjusting your body position. Once you’re in the right spot, tighten the knob, and OFF YOU GO! 

Handsfree Cup 
This handsfree setup is NOT COMPLETE without a HandsFree cup! This cup is made up of strong plastic materials with a pre-drilled hole in the middle. Setting it up was child’s play. Just attach the cup onto the top of the Handy and tighten the knob with the arms free mount! You may easily purchase the package from The Handy’s website.  


I am the type of person that would prefer to conceal my toys out of sight when finished using them.  

Storing the HandsFree Mount alongside The Handy was a breeze. Because the mount is so modular and easy to remove, I was able to put it inside my desk drawer perfectly.  

All in all, I give this product a rating of (5 out of 5!) It’s impressive all the tiny details they have done while planning this product out. 
This is the end of my review on Handy’s Handsfree mount. Are there things I think they could have done better? As far as I am concerned, I think they nailed it for the price and quality just to make it affordable but high quality for the crowds. Thank you, team Handy! Hope to see you in the next review!