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The Handy HandsFree Desk Mount: Fulfilling Your Pleasure Dreams


In today's world of ever-evolving technology, it's a rare gem to encounter a company that not only crafts exceptional products but also dedicates itself to the desires of its valued users. We have exemplified this commitment with the launch of our eagerly awaited accessory, the Handy HandsFree Desk Mount. This remarkable innovation not only elevates the user experience but also underscores our dedication to enhancing pleasure in the ways our users have been yearning for. 

A Journey of Responsive Innovation 

The inception of the Handy HandsFree Desk Mount embodies the power of actively listening to our customers. Over time, we’ve closely attuned ourselves to the desires and needs of our dedicated user base. Our users longed for a solution that could amplify their Handy experience, making it even more seamless and enjoyable.  

Anticipation Builds Excitement 

The anticipation leading up to the launch of the Handy HandsFree Desk Mount was electric. Our users had been eagerly awaiting a solution that would liberate their hands and minds during intimate moments. The excitement was not just about a new product; it was the promise of an enhanced experience, unburdened by any interruptions. 

Key Messages and Unique Selling Points 

The HandsFree Desk Mount boasts a plethora of key messages and unique selling points that cater to our users’ desires: 

  • Effortless Setup: The HandsFree Desk Mount is designed for quick and straightforward setup, offering a hassle-free solution for hands-free pleasure with The Handy. Our users can plunge headfirst into their fantasies without any delay. We’ve also noticed that many users will create hands free setups on their own which can be costly and take up a significant amount of time. This new HandsFree Desk Mount will serve as a cost-effective fix.  
  • Unyielding Durability: Crafted from robust materials that have undergone rigorous testing to withstand the formidable power of The Handy, this accessory assures long-lasting enjoyment. Users won’t have to worry about how the speed of their Handy may affect the mount. 
  • Streamlined Compact Design: Purpose-built for convenience, the HandsFree Desk Mount is lightweight and effortlessly foldable for storage or transportation. It ensures that it effortlessly complements our users’ intimate moments, no matter where they choose to indulge. 
  • Versatile Mounting: The desk clamp’s versatility, featuring two 1/4’’ threads and a maximum opening of 60mm, accommodates a variety of desk types. Furthermore, our thoughtful inclusion of rubber cushions on both the arm and clamp ensures a secure fit without leaving any unsightly marks. 

The Ultimate Pleasure Upgrade 

The Handy HandsFree Desk Mount transcends being just an accessory; it’s a game-changer. It provides a means for our users to immerse themselves in moments of pleasure without any disruptions, diversions, or interruptions. It’s about amplifying the overall experience.  

The launch of the Handy HandsFree Desk Mount is not merely the introduction of a new product; it’s a testimony to our company’s unwavering commitment to our users. We have listened to our audience, understood their desires, and turned those wishes into a reality. It’s a celebration of innovation that brings pleasure, convenience, and excitement into the lives of our users around the world. 

So, for those who have eagerly awaited an upgrade to their Handy experience, the HandsFree Desk Mount is here to fulfill their dreams. Get ready to elevate your pleasure, uninterrupted and hassle-free, with the Handy HandsFree Desk Mount—a product designed with your desires in mind. Your intimate journey has just been taken to a whole new level.