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The Handy

Automatic and interactive stroker

Automatic strokers, also known as robotic or motorized masturbators, are a type of male sex toy that use technology to provide a “haptic sexual experience”.
In other words, what you see is what you feel. This is a technology that is being actively developed to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. One of the most well-known products using this technology is “haptic suit” where interactive touch can be replicated on the physical body.

The Handy is a product pushing haptic feeling and technology to the next level. The core 
innovation with this product is the superior connection capabilities it has, enabling a direct and accurate replication of the content you enjoy, either through video, sound or playing a game (yes, you can play games with the Handy!). It is built by technology enthusiasts for technology enthusiasts.

Works both offline and online

Automatic strokers work by using a motor to create a stroking motion, simulating the sensation of intercourse, blowjob or a handjob. “The Handy” works stand-alone in offline mode as a masturbator, where you can lean back and enjoy while Handy does the job for you. It can be used with different accessories to create a variety of sensations that matchyour prefer. The product is a “one-size-fits- all” masturbator (really!), has a powerful motor that gives you up to 600 strokes a minute and a stroke length of 4,5 inches / 11 cm. This flexibility ensures that regardless of what you prefer, the Handy can give it to you.

The fun really starts when you explore the interactive software solutions for the Handy. Synchronize the Handy with adult content in any form (2K, 4K, 8K, VR, AR) and any genre. We have teamed up with the biggest content providers who are actively building their interactive content and you can today experience over 5000 videos with the Handy. In addition to this, the device can be remote controlled from anywhere in the world through your browser, by your partner, a stranger or a cam artist being in control.

Enjoy solo or with partner

Another benefit of Handy is that you can use it “hands free”, making it easier to achieve a fully immersive experience and truly let your imagination run free. Enjoy it solo or explore with your partner, long distance or together. The flexibility of The Handy enables various modes and speed settings, allowing users to customize their experience to their liking. Sometimes you want it slow and gentle, other times you want it to truly get you off.

Get your Handy today!

Automatic strokers, including the innovative and interactive The Handy, are a great option for penis owners who are looking for a customizable sexual experience and to explore themselves, alone or together with a partner. The ability to control the experience through the mobile app or browser, The Handy takes the automatic stroker experience to a whole new level, matching the technology available in 2023. Women have had working sex toys for decades, and it is time for the penis owners to shine and The Handy is here to blow you away.