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The Handy (EU)

NOK1895.00(incl. MVA)

Norway Customers: Please expect delays in receiving your orders due to unforeseen hiccup at customs. We are working hard to resolve this. Thank you for your patience and continued support.
UK Customers: The device ships with an EU (standard) 2-pin power plug.

Handy is the most advanced male sex toy ever created, with a guaranteed mind-blowing orgasms. Controlled by you or your partner.

  • warranty
    One-year warranty
  • warranty
    Safe and discreet delivery
  • warranty
    Best-in-class masturbator
Free shipping for The Handy in the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Norway.

Feel what you see

Our automatic masturbator takes your satisfaction to the next level with perfect media synchronization that matches every stroke to the action on the screen. The Handy is compatible with both standard and VR videos, allowing you to fully immerse yourself whatever your set up.

Anonymous connectivity

No accounts needed. Connect the Handy to the internet for remote controlled partner sessions or adult media synchronization in complete privacy. We want you to indulge your fantasies without worry.

Open API

For developers, our open API allows for extra customization and control over your pleasure adventure. Create custom applications and share them with the rest of the Handy community on HandyFeeling.com – the possibilities are endless!

Other features

  • Modular design: customize your sensations with the masturbation sleeve of your choice
  • Mains powered – no batteries required
  • Powerful brushless motor for unmatched speed and precision