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Whether you're a curious newcomer or a seasoned Handy enthusiast, delve into this comprehensive resource to discover everything you need to know about the Handy - from its functionalities to expert tips on care and innovative ways to leverage its potential.

What is the Handy?

The Handy is a Scandinavian-designed interactive sex toy offering penis owners new and exciting sexual experiences through immersive, interactive technology that can be enjoyed solo or with a partner.

Why should I choose The Handy?

The Handy is a sex-toy like no other: engineered with high-end technology to combine the best of hardware and software to enable new sexual experiences.

The Handy is a stroker powered by anonymous internet connection, an easy-to-use app, open API, unmatched synchronization with adult content, a powerful brushless motor, and a vast range of accessories available allowing for different sensations.

How does The Handy work?

The Handy was created designed with a quiet and powerful brushless motor that stimulates the penis with up to 600 strokes a minute, spanning up to 4.3 inches (10.9 CM).

The brushless motor enables industry-leading power, grip, and speed, achieving optimal results with easy-to-use manual controls allowing penis owners to customize stroke length and speed.

The Handy is able to sync with a variety of adult video content from multiple providers to allow users to indulge in erotic interactive experiences that span from VR content, flat content, audio content, gaming content, and much more. Its open API system enables third-party developers to create apps and integrations that expand the Handy experience even further.

Who is the team behind The Handy?

The Handy is designed by a Norwegian technology company that combines the best of digital abilities with physical products to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. The Handy is on a mission to reimagine the future of pleasure-tech by bringing fun and elevated sexual experiences to individuals and couples around the world.


The Handy Resources

The Handy Official Store:

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The Handy Official Blog:

The Handy Help Center:

The Handy Affiliate Program:


Handy Dev Docs:


How to Connect Your Handy Online

Your Handy needs to be given access to your Wi-Fi network before you can use online features such as HandyFeeling.

Go to and press on ‘Configure Handy’ on the left sidebar.

Plug in your Handy

Wait for The Handy to calibrate and show a stable green light

Press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the light turns blue (The blue light indicates that The Handy is in Bluetooth Mode and can now be connected to your smart device)

Press the connect button on your screen and navigate to the pop-up

Press ‘The Handy – Paired’ option, then the blue ‘pair’ button

Take note of your connection key on the next screen. Here you are able to generate and customize a new key if desired

Unplug your Handy

Plug your Handy back in and wait for the stabilized green light

Press the Wi-Fi button on your Handy once and wait for the light to turn a stable pink

Enter your connection key on the HandyFeeling homepage where it says ‘connect’ in the top right corner.

Connect and enjoy!


Lubricating Your Handy

As a mechanical device, The Handy will need some maintenance to live a long and fruitful life.

If your Handy is louder than usual, you may need to lubricate it.

Your Handy contains gears that require maintenance for continued smooth operation. When you receive your Handy, the lead screw comes pre-lubricated with BX-303/0, a food-grade silencer grease, which should last for some time.

Extensive use and long sessions with The Handy will cause the lubricant to dry up faster. Your Handy will continue to work just fine; however, you may notice an additional mechanical sound coming from the device.

STEPS FOR APPLYING LUBRICANT – Important – You do not have to disassemble The Handy to apply lubricant.

Buy a high viscosity grease, like one recommended for 3D printers or CNC machines. We cannot recommend a specific brand due to different regulations around the world.

Move The Handy slider all the way down manually.

Apply a thin layer of grease on the metal screw that can be seen through the slit of The Handy.

Manually move the slider up and down about 10 times to distribute the lubricant.

Move the slider all the way to the top.

Apply another layer of grease on the part of the screw that was covered up previously. Do not apply much grease, as it will be thrown off when The Handy is being used.

Manually move the slider up and down another 10 times to distribute the lubricant.

Power on your Handy and set it to move at full stroke and at the slowest speed for about 5 minutes.

TIP: A Q-tip or similar tool is a great way to apply lubricant onto the Handy screw. It is better to do the lubrication procedure often than apply too much lubricant. Remember to clean up any excess lubricant from the procedure. Some lubricants may not be body safe and should be removed before using The Handy.


Caring for Your Sleeves

All sleeves sold by The Handy are made out of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The longevity of the sleeve will be based on the use and the cleaning it is given. TPE material is porous and in time will begin to develop a yellow tint, which is a sign that the sleeve should be replaced.

You can improve the lifetime of the sleeve by washing it immediately after use with warm water and soap. It can be easily flipped inside-out without damage to the material. Additionally, while not in use, we recommend that you keep the sleeve in an airtight bag, with the foam insert placed inside so that the sleeve can keep its shape.


Replacing the Band

As with all Velcro products, the fastening strength of the TrueGrip band will decline with exposure to dirt and other particles. The band can be washed with water to clean off any lube or other dried material.


Fluids in The Handy

The electronics inside The Handy have a thin protective layer that will shield them from fluids like semen and lube. Try to avoid getting liquids into the machine. However, a small amount of liquid should not cause any operational issues with your Handy.

In the case that you drop a lot of liquids into the machine, turn off The Handy and leave it with the slider facing down for 6 hours before using it again.


Heat Considerations

The Handy is designed to automatically shut off before hitting temperatures that can harm the user or damage the machine.


Shipping Questions

Questions about your order?: Please email [email protected] or use the chatbot on our website

How discrete is packaging?: The Handy comes hipped in a solid brown box with no designs that indicate that it is The Handy. The packaging is completely discrete.

For packages sent across country borders, there must be a description of the goods. This description is “massager” or “Toys”. For EU and US orders, this does not apply, and all orders are shipped without any customs description on the label or invoice. For all other countries it is stated on either the label, commercial invoice, or both depending on your country.

My Handy came with grease/scruff marks, etc.: If your Handy has a couple of marks or grease leaking out upon arrival, please do not fret! This will not affect the performance of your Handy.

The explanation is as follows: When you receive your Handy, the gears come pre-lubricated with silencer grease. Very occasionally, the machines may have too much grease on the gears. This can be wiped away and your Handy will still work as normal. If you aren’t sure about it, please contact us with photos at [email protected].

What happens to returned Handy units?: For now, returned Handy units are being used in our lab for testing and other internal uses. We never resell them.


Technical Questions

What is the weight of The Handy?: Around 2.8 pounds (1.2kg)

What is the stroke length of The Handy?: Stroke length is 0-4.3 inches (10.9cm)

What is The Handy power supply voltage?: Voltage input for The Handy is 100-240V and accepts 50 and 60Hz.

How long is the power cord?: The cable from the power adapter to The Handy is 59 inches (149cm) and from the power adapter to the socket, the cable is around 39 inches (99cm). So, a total of 99 inches (248cm) from socket to the machine.


How to open:

Remove the bottom rubber cover (the one with the text). Please note that it is glued on pretty hard.

Unscrew the 3 screws that are revealed.

Remove the bottom part.

Slide the slider all the way to the top to remove the top part.

How to assemble:

Set the front and back parts together. Be very careful that no wires are stuck between the parts.

Put the slider on the lead screw.

Put on the top part.

Put on the bottom part. Be very careful not to damage the motor wires.

Screw in all the screws.

OPTIONAL: Glue the bottom cover back on.


Connectivity Questions

Common Wi-Fi Connection Issues: You can find the most common Wi-Fi connectivity issues and how to solve them here:

Our technical troubleshooting bot will also take you through the most common tech issues and solutions:\

What do the LED status codes mean?: For a full list of status codes, please check here:

If you are ever unsure about something, please check out our resources over on the HandySetup site:


Device Setup

TrueGrip Band Setup: If you’ve taken out the TrueGrip band from The Handy and aren’t sure how to properly set it up again, here’s a visual guide:

Setting yourself up to use The Handy manually:

How to setup your Handy for the first time: This visual will show you how to set up your Handy for the first time:


Handy Tips and Tricks

Once you have connected your Handy online it will be ready to use with interactive content. Interactive content can be found in many places. – Adult websites that offer paid content which perfectly synchronizes with The Handy. All scripts are generated by our in-house scripting team. – Websites that offer paid AI-generated plug-ins to be used with your Handy to script online content. – Adult websites within the cam-industry that can be used with The Handy. – Community-run site with free-to-access scripted videos with seamless Handy integration. – Interactive scripting community with a plethora of scripted Handy content and tutorials on how to script your own videos. – An official Handy-run website with free, scripted videos. More information on how to use IVDB will be below.

Now that you’ve gotten the basics of your Handy down, here are some tips for customizing your experience further:

You can adjust your synchronization latency settings on and this will carry across to other Handy compatible services for the duration of your session.

If you would like to adjust the intensity of the script you are playing, you can calibrate the stroke length on the fly with the UP/DOWN buttons on The Handy. It is also possible to modify the intensity of existing scripts themselves by making them half or double speed (in same time) on

Other Handy-compatible sleeves?: We have a range of sleeves that we sell that are compatible with The Handy. You can find our available sleeves here:

The Handy can also be used with most third-party sleeves.

Please note: anything weighing more than 500g will wear on the motor when used at full speed.


What Is IVDB and How to Use It

IVDB is our interactive video database. On IVDB our in-house scripting team is constantly releasing seamlessly scripted adult content for Handy users to enjoy with their Handy. All of the content available on IVDB is free.

Previously, we had an official IVDB extension to be used through web browsers, but it has since been removed from the app store.

If you had the plug-in before it was removed, it should still work.

However, if you do not, you are still able to use IVDB content. To do so, please follow the steps below.

Go to and find the video you are interested in using with your Handy.

Download the script token which can be found right below the video. To do this, you will need to enter your individual Handy key.

Press ‘Open video on site’ and use a third-party downloader to download the video to your device.

Navigate to our Local Video Player which can be found here:

Upload the video file, the script file, and enjoy!

We also offer the option to submit video requests for our team to script. You can do so here:

There will be announcements made within our Reddit and Discord when there are new videos released.


I’m worried about using my Handy online due to privacy concerns. Can the Handy be hacked?

The risks with using the Handy are minimal. Here is an explanation for how The Handy works from CTO Alexander:

General rule/advice: “If it’s online, it can be hacked or manipulated”. With that being said let us describe Handy’s connection system.

The Handy key is generated inside your Handy using noise on the Wi-Fi antenna to generate a true random key. Generating a new key renders the old one useless. There are no historic records of keys. This makes tracking hard for 3-party applications that need to connect through our API to control your Handy. They do not get an IP of your Handy when connecting to our API.

Our Handy-server connection system is fire and forget. When you send a command, the system checks if there is a machine with that key online, it does not check a database to verify if that key exists. If the machine is online the message is transformed and sent to the machine.

It’s up to the machine to reply or not. This means that you would need to brute force and to check all keys possible to see if there is a machine that has the key you are testing online. The key length is variable from 5-32 chars, with lower case, upper case, and numbers. That gives 26+26+10=62 chars. For the shortest key length renders 625= 916132832 combinations. The longest key length gives 6232= 2272657884496751345355241563627544170162852933518655225856 combinations to test out.

But let’s say the system is brute forced and your key is stolen. Then the attacker can control your machine while it is online. Not the biggest security issue, not optimal of course, but they do not have access to stuff like your browser history or payment info. Then, you could simply change your key and render the attacker’s future attacks useless.

Another thing we would say is that The Handy is offline by default. You must press a button to activate the Wi-Fi on a HW level each time you power your Handy. It is your choice to bring it online.

One could say that it would be better to create a completely offline device, but by bringing your machine online you can get the latest FW updates and the power of the API. We can spend our time on the HW, the server connection, and the 3-party developers that can create apps for your device. With our Connection Key system, they will not have direct access to your device. If you want to revoke their access just change your key.

Privacy by default is very important for us. A good thing that it is very little money in the “data” compared to other services you might use. That will leave the pressure off the engineers to collect data in the future as well.