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Design Decisions — Outside Sleeve


We explore some of our design thinking behind the Handy's TrueGrip mechanism.

If you look at other automatic masturbation devices, you’ll have noticed that the majority of them house the sleeve inside the device itself, along with the electronics and mechanical components.

We took another approach with the Handy.

The Handy houses the sleeve outside of its plastic body with a system we call the TrueGrip connector system. It combines a stroker arm with two thin openings through which a velcro band passes. It’s simple — but effective.

A sense of comfort and safety

While it is thrilling to stick your penis into places, it’s a bit of a different story when that place is a mechanical device. With the Handy, you can always see where and how your genitals are oriented in contrast with the Handy. It’s a small thing, but we think the peace of mind is worth it.


With the TrueGrip system, you can easily adjust the tightness of the band around the sleeve. You can also just as easily detach the sleeve with a simply pull of the velcro. This helps with clean up immensely.

But more than that, you can simply use any other sleeve or sex toy that you already own with the Handy. While we regularly design and release new sleeves, our connector system does not lock you into our products. As long as your preferred sleeve is less than 250 grams, it should work just as well with the Handy as the original TrueGrip sleeve that comes with it.


Some of our customers have come up with solutions that work better for them. They’ve improvised new holding mechanisms or have bought third-party velcro bands to customize their Handy experience. As long as you can attach something to the Handy’s stroker arm, you’re good to go!

Final Words

We’ve got some interesting product news coming in August. Keep an eye out for our new sleeves and an enhanced velcro band for the TrueGrip system.