About us

Handy™ is developed, designed and manufactured by the Norwegian company SweetTech AS, a team of enthusiastic innovators based in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The mastermind behind Handy is Alexander, an engineer educated at the University of Oslo.

Our mission

We set out to give what men deserve

We didn’t want to just build a male sex machine, we aim to transform the masturbator market by developing the world's first premium, reliable, effective masturbator for men that actually works, for customers who demand high quality in every aspect of their lives.

Meet us

The people behind Handy

We’re a friendly bunch, so feel free to send us any questions or comments:




Cybernetics engineer. Created remote controlled weapon systems before creating Handy. Passionate about technology, design and quality. Lives in Oslo with his girlfriend and 1 year old son.




Background from corporate finance and management consulting. Passionate about having the world as a playground and bringing joy (the Handy) to the people – young, free and childless based in Oslo with his girlfriend.

Ready to be blown away?

The Handy is the most revolutionary masturbation toy you can get. Get yours now!

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