WiFi connected masturbation machines leads the future of masturbation!

Are you thinking, “Why would I want a masturbator with a WiFi connection? Well… 

WiFi functionality is what makes the trending teledildonic sex toys, that many people are raving about excitingly. They are interactive and a lifesaver for long-distance relationships.

It is what injects life into what would have normally been a “regular” stroker. It makes the device 100x smarter and the ULTIMATE SPICE to convert boring, mechanical masturbation sessions into an extra arousing and super orgasmic session.

WiFi in high-tech smart sex toys is what makes you connect and play with an otherwise inaccessible smoking hot pornstar.

WiFi Connected Masturbation Machines – Get Your Handy Online

If you have The Handy masturbator, putting its WiFi capability to work is what enables you to live out every imaginable erotic fantasy virtually. Now, if your fantasies involve a walk on the far wild side – even if you don’t get to explore all your wildest fantasies, at least you get to play out more than half of them.

Now let’s see what goodies await you with a WiFi or internet-enabled Handy.

Connecting your Handy to the internet gives you plenty of sexual opportunities you would not have been able to access otherwise. The virtual nature of the sexual encounters also keeps you safe healthwise no matter how kinky or dirty the sex acts get. 

As an example, with your internet-connected Handy, you can engage in a no-holds-barred raunchy threesome with stunning curvy women with no worries of contracting anything.

And if you want to join in a mind-blowing gangbang action, or participate in a hardcore voyeur scene, or ride different cam babes every other night – you can do that by connecting your Handy to the thousands of HD VR videos on SexLikeReal or Handyfeeling.

Connecting Your Handy to Wifi Means Expanding Possibilities

It can be hard finding new and creative ways to update sex toys, as there are just a few means of achieving stimulation.

But WiFi technology incorporated into masturbators is like the genie in the teapot that takes the masturbation game straight up to another whole level of amazing.

One other great benefit of an internet-connected masturbator is that it provides a no-risk sexual space for people to explore their attraction to each other.

With virtual reality, there is anonymity. You can also recreate sex with a person you don’t necessarily want to hang out with, let alone be inside of.

If all these sounds like a delightful way to heat up your sex life, then go connect your Handy masturbator to your WIFI network

Digital Sex is Safe & Very Effective

The world has been flipped upside down with the Corona pandemic, and couples and lovers have been forced to retreat to personal caves and self-pleasure. This means a lot of people are missing intimacy with their partners. The rise of IoT ready masturbation devices with Remote Control functions has opened up new opportunities to connect safely.

Are you ready for the future of masturbation?

How to connect Handy to Wifi

  • 1Power Handly
  • 2Press and hold the WiFi button until the indicator LED flashes light blue/dark blue (fast) . The machine is now in setup mode.
  • 3Go to WiFi settings on your WiFi enabled device (PC, MAC, iPhone, Android).
  • 4Connect to the “Handy setup” WiFi network. You are now directly connected to your Handy. If the setup does not start automatically see footnotes.
  • 5In the Handy setup you can configure WiFi, see and change your Connection Key, update Handy and at a later stage do some other settings as well.
  • 6Select Setup WiFi
  • 7Select the WiFi that you want Handy to connect to.
  • 8Enter the WiFi’s password.
  • 9Uncheck the update checkbox. This option is needed for older versions of Handy.
  • 10Press connect. Handy will now restart and try to connect to your selected network. If ok, you will see the indicator LED flashes dark blue / green  (slow) . If it failes, read the footnotes for additional information.
  • 11If you selected to update your Handy the setup might take 1-5 min to complete. When the update is finished the LED indicator flashes yellow / green (slow) . Press any key to reset Handy.
  • 12You are now ready to use the online functions. Single press the WiFi button to go online (if you press and hold the WiFi button the machine will enter setup mode again and cannot connect to the online services). Read our remote-control guide here.


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