What are the most interesting facts about sex toys? Whether you’re a shy newbie or an experienced user of sex toys, we bet you did not know these interesting and somewhat weird details!

The first body-safe silicone sex toy was invented by a paraplegic male to assist other disabled people experience pleasure

Dildos which are now used for vaginal and anal penetration were initially made from unsafe materials like wood, cheap jelly rubber, and the like.

Then came in Gosnell Duncan. On one fateful overnight shift, Duncan was working on the bed of a vehicle when the truck fell on him, turning him to a paraplegic – paralyzed from the waist down – at the prime age of 37 years. 

Notwithstanding, his girlfriend married him right in the hospital! Dissatisfied and frustrated with the available sex toy options to regain his sex life, Duncan set out to start his own “sex toy” company in 1965. Though then, the dildos were labeled as medical aids for people living with disabilities.

The aim of the company was to build strap-on dildos as mouth-held devices to quadriplegics and men who can’t have sex with their penises. Duncan was the first ever to produce dildos in other colors beyond the regular Caucasian pink referred to as “pink-colored”.  

Facts about sex toys: In very rare cases, your anal sex toy could land you in the emergency room

Usually, anal vibrators, dildos, and other anal toys come with a retrieval cord at the bottom or a wide flared base. This important safety feature is to keep the sex toys from getting accidentally lost up in your nether region which will warrant surgical intervention.   

Occasionally, you see people who used butt toys without a stopper end in the ER because the toy decided to take a much-needed vacay in their ass. In 2003, a man live tweets – anonymously of course – a hospital trip on Twitter to remove his vibrating dildo which got stuck in his rear. 

To confirm to naysayers it wasn’t a trumped-up story, the guy showed the x-ray taken at the hospital. He also was miffed at the dildo company for making the battery of the vibrator long lasting – because when the doctors checked hours after the dildo got stuck, the vibrator was still running.

Contrary to popular fun facts, vibrators weren’t initially created to treat “hysteria” in women

While vibrators are marketed almost exclusively to women, that does not imply that only females can enjoy the awesome stimulation they give. A study as far back as 2009 showed that a large number of men also love and use vibrators. 

So like the title hinted, many fun facts stated that vibrators were created for medical personnel to cure the so-called “hysteria” in adult females. But that is so far from the truth.

Hallie Lieberman, a sex historian, and journalist discovered that vibrators were first actually used to treat medical conditions like constipation, diabetes, sciatica, and back pain – most especially back pain – in both men and women.

Lieberman mentioned that vibrators aren’t primarily for genitals in the past, but sometimes they’re used on the perineum of men to increase their libido.    

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