Due to previously held tenets and beliefs that masturbation is harmful, many guys don’t quite know how to pleasure themselves properly. Recently, however, self-love has been discovered to not only be healthy but socially acceptable. You can let off pent-up sexual steam while increasing your social confidence with a good bust-a-nut, something that our ancestors knew something about. 

Make the most of your masturbation sessions and reach the pinnacles of your ghost busting with a few tricks and tips that are known to heighten self-pleasure. Though nothing compares to the real thing, you, a mate or a male sex toy can handle situations for now by;  

Enhance You Masturbation by Trying Different Positions

The way that having intercourse in different positions makes things steamier is the same when you switch masturbation postures. Reminiscent of the ancient Kama Sutra, there are prescribed positions for solo or partner sex, versatility being vital to enhanced masturbation. According to man talk on Quora and Reddit, you can pleasure yourself or with a partner in various situations, and positions to spice up your dirty work.

Texturized Stimulation Sleeves

Enhance your masturbation experience by incorporating manual or automatic stimulation sleeves into your handiwork. The handy male shaft stroker has created a unique texturized stimulation sleeve that is hygienic and replaceable. These sleeves accord various sensations that you can experiment with before choosing the one to jimmy johns with.   

A unique male masturbation piece, the handy’s handheld texturized column slips over your penis, stimulating it with the feel of real anal or vaginal sex.

Automatic Stroker Usage 

Manual pumping can get in the midst of your masturbation experience, as making your hand go up and down can be tiresome and boring. The handy is an automatic stroker that is adjustable to give you different pumping movements for a more robust and profound penile vortex. Play around with various stroke settings that emulate long or twisting short pulls, and you’re bound to find one that does it for you.

This fully customizable and driven sex toy is capable of accommodating all your warning shots, and is appropriate for experimentation and partnered play. 

Lubing The Shaft Slather

Skin-safe lubricant is a must if you want to step up your masturbation rutines and is paramount for smoothing the stroker. The lube you use should be compatible with your skin type, as you wouldn’t want to end up with bruises. A good stroking machine enables plentiful of lube to be applied, whether of water, oil, or silicone-based variety.  

Available too are top market lubes that will provide you various sensations while inducing cooling, self-heating, or tingling flavors.  

Set The Scenery, Or Add In Some Porn

Since your environment has a direct effect on mood, your ability to ghost-bust a nut masturbating is affected by the scenery, techniques used, and the quality of top-line masturbation products. After preparing with clean sheets or a warm shower, lowering the lights or playing some sensual music will maintain the mood your libido requires. The Handy masturbation machine for men can be controlled by you or your partner and can be synced to your favorite XXX scenes to induce a powerful end result!

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