Have you always been waiting for something that would make your manual stroker automatic? It does seem an odd thought, if you think about it. 

For starters – and let’s be honest about one thing. The amount of available sex toys and masturbators for men out there haven’t changed. So we figured, why not include the ghosts in our closet when we now take the next step towards better things? Let’s make sure we up the game by giving extra value to whatever gadgets you already had in your arsenal?

One of the things that we wanted to do was to enable an “automatic mode” for all the users of manual masturbators out there. And during our testing period, one of the “eureka moments” was the enjoyment testers had when combining a manual masturbator with HandyTM. This showed us that owners of these products might want to do exactly that. Suddenly, we had a broader added value to all our future customers.


This is one of the reasons why we chose the simple TrueGripTM band. You can use it with our sleeve, or with your current manual masturbator. The speed can be adjusted, giving you up to 10 strokes per second. And HandyTM is also the first stroker to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

Future developments also include ad-ons where you can “click” on a HandyTM manual masturbator rather than using the band. We can’t wait to introduce it!

We are interested in knowing what you think about Handy, so please get in touch!


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