The world of virtual sex games are becoming more and more popular. You can date a virtual lady, you can engage in sexy activities and of course, now you can connect your favorite sex toys to the games as well!

The gaming industry is and has always been a giant. Every year we see games that are getting more and more realistic, and it’s beautifully merging with the adult industry. Realism and artificial intelligence are the future and we are all part of the system.

Some worry that the expansion of realistic games will be the end of RL relationships, but we say – whats wrong with a little competition? Don’t we all deserve the best in life? Whether sex toys and virtual adult games will become so realistic and pleasing that it threatens real life human relationships is questionable – but if so, we should have a very exiting future coming!

The World of Virtual Sex Games

In terms of virtual sex games, we can play the classic desktop games, or let ourselves get immersed in the majestic world of virtual reality. The authentic feelings won’t let you go back to the conventional!

Let’s have a look at some of the best virtual sex games out there!

Adult World 3D

Adult World 3D claims to be the most realistic 3D sex game on the market. The graphics are good, there are many models to choose from and of course, many activities to engage in!

Right now, this game is only available for Windows, so you may want to reconsider your next PC purchase.

3D Sex Villa

This game is again, one of the most realistic out there. It features a unique singleplayer experience, that’s guaranteed to make you feel amazing!

The creators offer the possibility for the people to share their content and experience with others, through the Thrixxx social platform. 

Happily, no VR headset is required for this game, so if you are in the mood for a great time, you can go ahead and download it for yourself!


This one is a virtual massive multiplayer game, where you can play with the whole community. For a multiplayer game, it has outstanding graphics, and the creators made everything on the fine line between reality and cartoons.

Players can design the characters of their dreams, create special hangout spots and engage in every activity they can possibly think of. 

Hurt Me Plenty

This is a BDSM based video game, but there’s a little more to it. Besides being an accurate simulator, it also involves the player’s choices in the process. Everything starts when you and your in-game partner negociate, set a safeword and then proceed to the action.

The thing with this game is that if you move too fast, or if you don’t pay attention to your partner, you will be locked out for a few days. It’s one of those games that teach more than just sex.

When we created Handy, we had the future in mind. Thanks to the Handy’s many functions, you can enjoy your favorite adult movies by synchronizing them to your Handy using the Handy Feeling platform! Connect and allow yourself to “relax” for as long as you need!

Well, we have the list, we have our Handy and of course, we are ready to start playing.

These virtual sex games will definitely be a game-changer! And by mixing virtual reality with synchronized motions, self-play will never feel the same!

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