Multiple male orgasms are almost unheard of. But that is because it’s virtually impossible for a man to experience multiple ejaculatory orgasms with zero refractory period or “rest and recovery period”. However, it is possible to climax many times in a row when semen is not released.

This technique is called non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms and it can be achieved by strengthening the pelvic floor. Note that the orgasms don’t feel as intense as ejaculatory orgasms but they are equally enjoyable.

For you to enjoy multiple orgasms during masturbation or sex, you need to get your body used to orgasming without releasing.

Here are a few practice tips to help train your body.  

Multiple Male Orgasms by Strengthening Your Pc Muscles

While a few men happen upon multiple orgasms by accident, others have to practice to enjoy the experience. The first step to being able to orgasm several times in a row is by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles through Kegel exercises.

The PC muscles need to be worked on because they are the ones responsible for controlling ejaculatory and orgasmic responses during a sexual play.

If you can restrain yourself from releasing semen after orgasm, you are highly likely to bypass your refractory period and climax over and over again.

Now onto how Kegel exercise is done. It’s quite simple, really. What you do is simply contract the PC muscle like you do when controlling your urine flow.

Kegel exercises can be practiced anywhere. You can contract the muscles for about 10 seconds even in your car.

Practice Edging

Edging is actually masturbation without orgasming. Susan Wenzel, a sex therapist suggests practicing edging by bringing yourself to the point of climax then stopping.

She said this should be repeated about 5 to 6 times. Wenzel in an MBG relationship interview said ejaculatory inevitability should be recognized before climax and not after.

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the point of climax, she said, you should stop or “edge” at 9.5.

A different way of edging is to…

Apply Physical Pressure 

In applying physical pressure, you need to make sure you’re applying just the right amount and not a lax or a death grip.

How you do this is by using the squeeze method discovered by Virginia Johnson and William Master. You hold the base of your erect penis tightly with your hand to stop the desire to release.

Alternatively, with your finger, you can apply pressure to your perineum (area between the anus and the scrotum) to stop ejaculation. Sex toys such as cock rings could also be used in place of your finger.  

Having Trouble with Edging: Switch Positions

If you’re finding it hard to delay gratification, try another position. If lying down or sitting isn’t helping you to hold yourself from ejaculating, you could try standing or vice versa.

Find the position that helps you better tighten your PC muscles so you can orgasm without ejaculation. That is key. 

Control Your Breathing

As you draw close to ejaculating, your breathing increases sharply which in turn, raises your heart rate. Slowing down your breathing rate will significantly help in postponing ejaculation.  

To slow down your breathing, engage in some deep “belly breathing”. To do this, make yourself comfortable on a chair. Don’t slouch, sit upright, then take a deep breath.

As you inhale deeply, your stomach will expand but don’t move your chest. Let each breath last for about 3 seconds. Practice belly breathing daily.

Use it to slow down your breathing rate when it increases just before ejaculation.

Diligently practicing these techniques daily should increase your chances of joining the league of men who have multiple male orgasms during masturbation or sex with a partner.    

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