What a perfect time to get the sex toy of your dreams!

All thanks to the sextech revolution that has brought about a great many options into the sex toy industry. From sex toys specially designed for trans men to toys that would make a geek tremble in anticipation – the wide variety of options available makes it possible for everyone to find their perfect fit.

Gone are the yesteryears when the choices for men are run-of-the-mill solo strokers. Today, the materials and designs of male sex toys are eerily close to the real thing that you may never want to seek a human lover again.

OK, just kidding. So do you want a sex toy that feels extremely realistic, or something slightly intense? Or maybe, you want to heat up your masturbation session with a high-tech masturbator that syncs with the porn of your choice.

Don’t let previous experiences with pocket pussies deter you. Ahead is a useful guide to the best wireless masturbating machine in the world.

Whose powerful suction will milk your dick like your life depended on it. And the unbelievable thrust speed of 10 strokes per second will service your penis like no other stoker you’ve ever known.

The Handy Masturbator

Many male strokers rely wholly on manual operation. By this, we mean it is up to users to move the masturbator up and down all by themselves.

With hands-free masturbators, you can afford to be lazy because the device does all the “hard labor” of stroking for you. Of all the other masturbation machines available, Handy offers the most amazing experience with its thrusting speed of 0-10 strokes per second and powerful suction cup.

That’s not all, this automatic high-tech sex toy is built with an 11cm stroke length guaranteed to service all your sweet spots. It has a soft but firm sleeve that will make your shaft thinks it’s inside a real vagina. The interior of the medical-grade sleeve has a ribbed texture to give you extra stimulation.

Though the Handy may be relatively new in the market, it has set the pace for other strokers since it was launched. Unlike many other strokers, it has a clear detachable sleeve that is built in such a way that makes cleanup a breeze.

To cap it off, you can sync your Handy with a smartphone and your partner or favorite pornstar can control your pleasure from wherever they are.


Pros and Cons


  • Body-safe materials
  • High adjustable speed
  • Elegant and comes in a discreet packaging
  • Soft replaceable sleeve
  • Super-tight adjustable grip
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be synced with adult movies at HandyFeeling.com.
  • Can give you up to 600 strokes per minute. The only stroker in the market with such a powerful thrust speed.
  • Rechargeable
  • Long-distance control through Bluetooth



  • Quite pricey: Seeing all the powerful features packed into the device, the price shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

And compared to other high-end strokers, Handy is fairly cheap, as the makers want every adult male to be able to afford one.

  • No vibrations yet
  • Only one sleeve available for now and it’s a tested and confirmed one-size-fit-all sleeve.


How to Connect Handy to WiFi

The Handy has a dual-core processor with both WiFi and Bluetooth. It is possible to use the Handy offline if you don’t have the Internet connection. Basically, the masturbator’s main performance is offline.

However, the Handy is able to connect to different online services safely and anonymously. That’s where you need the Internet connection. WiFi will also help you update the firmware of the Handy if you would like to improve your sex machine when new firmware is released. This allows the Handy to be constantly improved and new services to develop.

For example, the Handy has a remote-control function in BETA, which gives its users an opportunity to control the Handy and sync with video on your smartphone, computer or a tablet. The Handy can be controlled by your partner no matter where they are. And the video synchronization of the device offers  the most immersive adult movie experience ever.

As we can see, a built in Wi-Fi opens a number of possibilities for Handy users and makes their masturbation process even more pleasurable. Let’s see how to set up WiFi connection on your Handy to enjoy all the above described features.

The first thing to do is to power the Handy. Then you need to press the Wi-Fi button on the control panel. Hold the button until the indicator LED quickly flashes blue and dark blue. This will show you that the Handy is in setup mode.

The next step is to go to Wi-Fi settings on your Wi-Fi enabled device. It can be a PC, MAC, iPhone, or Android. Now you have to connect to the Handy setup Wi-Fi network. By doing so, you will be directly connected to your Handy. The setup will start automatically.

The Handy setup will allow you to configure Wi-Fi, see and change your Connection Key, update the Handy and do some other settings as well.

So, you have to choose the Wi-Fi that you want your Handy to connect to and enter the Wi-Fi’s password. Just press connect and your device will connect to the chosen network after restarting. The indicator LED will slowly flash blue and green.

You may choose to update the Handy. It won’t take more than 5 min. When the update is finished the LED indicator flashes yellow and green. Just press any button to reset the Handy.

Now you are ready to use online services of the Handy. Just press the WiFi button once. Do not hold it unless you want the device to enter setup mode and change the network.

If you can’t connect to your WiFi, here are the LED indicator codes that inform you about the possible error:

  • Yellow and White flashes indicate the ongoing update. Just wait 1-5 minutes.
  • Yellow and Red slow flashes show that the update failed and you have to try again. If it doesn’t help, contact support.
  • Blue and White fast flashes show that the Handy is trying to connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Blue and Red fast flashes inform you that the WiFi connection has failed. Unplug Handy and try Wi-Fi setup again. If it doesn’t help, contact support.


The Handy Functions

Sex toy industry is being constantly developed. The Handy masturbator is a perfect example of the most advanced and effective male sax toy ever existed. The Handy has a number of functions that can make your masturbation delightful and give you multiple orgasms.

The Handy is a masturbator with a sleeve. It may not seem a brand new invention, but there is something special about it. The sleeve is on the outside of the device, held by the bracelet. It makes the handy really adjustable no matter what penis size you have. It’s a great advantage, as many people have difficulty finding a sex toy that fits them.

The Handy is mains-operated. All you have to do is to plug the power supply unit into a socket and the other part into the Handy. The device has a quiet and powerful brushless motor to meet power and control requirements. It makes the Handy light and comfortable to use, so it never runs out of power at a most inappropriate time.

The Handy masturbator allows you to choose the stroke length, speed and the grip to have different experience with the device. The Handy has a variable stroke length of 4.5″ (11cm) and is capable of performing 10 strokes per second at max speed.

However, the Handy doesn’t only have a dual processor, a brushless motor, and is universally suitable for penises of all shapes and sizes. The Handy is a smart masturbator. It has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that open a great number of possibilities. Handy can be updated through the Internet, and it is being continuously developed and improved.

It is possible to connect your Handy to a smartphone, tablet or computer. It allows you or your partner to control the machine remotely. It is really convenient.

Using the Handy you may give pleasure to your partner even when you are away. Which makes the Handy a sex machine that can help in the relationships, but not the one used only for self-satisfaction.  Giving control of the Handy to your partner, you receive a remote blowjob or handjob, isn’t it awesome?

Well, there is more. When you connect the Handy to your smartphone, it can also synchronize with the movement sensors on your phone. So the masturbator reacts to that as well. All you have to do is connect your Handy to your phone and switch on motion control. Move your phone up and down to start stroking the Handy. If you shake your phone faster, your Handy strokes faster. If you make short, rapid shakes, the Handy makes short, rapid strokes. As easy as it appears.

If you raise your phone a bit higher, still making short, rapid shakes, the Handy responds by moving higher and making short, rapid strokes that focus on the head of the penis. Even when you make pause to change arms, for example, the Handy will make a short pause as well.

The Handy also has a video synchronization for your favorite adult movies. It is compatible with different services as Google Home, Video Sync, remote control and VR. So, handy can literally be called a sex machine of the future.

Online experience for Handy

Have you ever dreamed about taking part in the adult movie? Do you want your favorite porn star do you a blowjob? Or you have a long distance relationship, but you want to have sex with your partner? The Handy masturbator and website handyfeeling.com can easily make it possible.

Apart from being an effective and reliable masturbator as it is, the Handy team now offers you an opportunity to synchronize the videos with the device.  The synchronized and matching movements of the porn films and the Handy bring some new pleasure to your masturbation.

The Handy masturbator can perfectly be used offline and still be the best masturbation machine, but it has online benefits too. HandyFeeling will introduce you to the online experiences that you haven’t had with any other sex toy. It will help you get the most out of your Handy.

HandyFeeling offer a number of interactive videos to synchronize your Handy with. It allows you not only enjoy the scene but also the repeated actions from the screen made by the masturbator. You can fully immerse into the movie and feel special as if taking part in it.

HandyFeeling gives you access to videos of different categories, including the videos for VR, HD videos and POV. What do you like the most: a handjob, blowjob or titjob? Here you can find all kind of interactive videos that won’t leave you cold.

It is also possible to control your Handy remotely with the help of HandyFeeling. It is really convenient if you want to control it yourself. And it is possible to give a full control of your Handy to your partner as well. Here you will have a power button and a cross that allows you to control the range of motion and the speed. You can also see a LED indicator too.

Moreover, HandyFeeling allow you to use local videos from your device or found online. When you select a script “.csv” on handyfeeling.com it is uploaded to the servers and pushed to your Handy device. The script is stored and can be used by others. But don’t worry, no personal data are stored.

The Handy and HandyFeeling are being constantly developed, new videos and features are added and those technologies revolution the sex toy industry.

How to Combine Handy With Cock Rings for Rock Hard Erections and Powerful Orgasms (Part 1)


The Handy masturbator is a powerful high-tech male stroker with an incredible 0-10 strokes per second. What this means is that when masturbating with it, you get a mind-numbing 10 thrusts per second or 600 thrusts within a minute. The first of its kind in the market!

If you want to go slower, no problem, all the features are not static. You can easily customize thrust speed, grip, and stroke length to your liking.

In this article, we will be talking about how to combine The Handy masturbator with a cock ring. If you are asking why, this is the reason:

Some men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, or other forms of sexual insecurities. This makes it hard for them to get a firm erection, orgasm, and overall, they are unable to attain sexual pleasure.

As a result of this, some of these men with ED or other sexual dysfunctions turn to cock rings to improve their erections and pleasure. Others who can get it up fully, but simply want to achieve thicker and harder erections during masturbation or sex also use the ring.

So whether you have ED or not, you can expect this outcome when masturbating with both Handy and cock rings:

The harder erection and sometimes-prolonged orgasm cock ring gives, combined with the super-tight grip, pussy-like cup, and thrusts of Handy will give an explosive finish – you’ll want to relive and repeat over and over again.

Before going over how to use the C-ring with handy in the second series of this article, let’s see how safe the device is, the different types available, and how it works.


Are Cock Rings Safe?

They can be if you exercise these simple precautions:

Yes, cock rings ought to fit snugly to be effective, but not tight enough to cause pain, bite into the skin or cause discoloration of your flesh. Get your correct size, don’t force your penis into a ring that is far smaller than you.

C-ring should not be worn for more than 20-30 minutes. Your penis has to breathe, if it stays longer, you risk causing damage to your penile tissues.

It’s wise to shave the pubic hair before wearing the device to avoid unwanted pain when hair is mistakenly pulled when strapping on the ring.


4 Types of Cock Rings   

Also known as pleasure ring, erection ring or cock ring, this magical little toy can be a:

  1. Stretchy ring made from soft silicone
  2. Solid steel ring
  3. Vibrating ring or
  4. Adjustable leather with Velcro or snap closure.


How Does a Cock Ring Work?

When you wear a cock ring at the restricts blood flow out of your shaft. Since the blood is trapped inside the penis, this keeps the penis engorged, giving you a harder and bigger erection.

Additionally, when you encircle the base of your shaft and scrotum with a cock ring, it’ll place pressure on your perineum, the area between your asshole and balls. This on its own is pleasurable.

If perchance, the pressure extends to the vas deferens that takes sperm to the shaft, it’ll help delay ejaculation. This will give you a longer thrust time with your Handy and that creates a phenomenal buildup to a fiery climax.

3 Stimulating Ways of Masturbating With Handy and Cock Rings (Part 2)

When you want to masturbate with both Handy masturbator and C-rings, you wear the rings first before moving on to Handy.

If you’re a newbie to using penis rings, start with the adjustable ring with the Velcro or snap fastener. That way, if you’re feeling any form of discomfort, it is easier to pull off the ring even when you’re aroused.

You can also use the stretchable silicon ring, but the drawback is it may not be as tight as you want it. And it may take a little bit of effort to get it off your penis when the organ is fully gung ho.

Remember to use some water-based lube as it heightens the sensations. And if you’re using a stretchy ring, lube makes it easier to slide the ring on and off your penis.

Lastly, don’t forget to trim down there to avoid the ring painfully ripping off any pubic hair.

#1    Wear the Cock Ring the Classic Way

While your shaft is soft, lift it up in one hand, hold the penis ring in place at the base of your balls. Release your penis and fasten the closing with your free hand.

Check to see the ring isn’t too tight and is not pinching anything, then position the closing where it feels comfortable.

Once you’ve put on the cock ring, get your Handy from beside you. Slide your dick into the sleeve, set the tightness, thrust speed, and stroke length to how you want it and start stroking.

It’s better you start with a slower thrust speed, so you can draw out your masturbation session as long as possible. Turn on your Handy and enjoy a most amazing session unlike any other.

For first-timers who get so aroused with putting on an erection ring that they shoot quite early. What they should do is practice edging.

They should let Handy stroke them very near to climax and stop the device. They can do this for as long as they find pleasurable before letting the machine stroke them to a big bang finish.

This isn’t for everyone. It’s STRICTLY for those who hanker for a more EXPLOSIVE RESULT.

To see greater fireworks at the end of your session, quickly undo the fastener and remove your ring near the time of your climax.


#2    Wanking with the C-Ring behind Your Testicles 

You know, your balls wouldn’t mind some affection too. And there’s nothing more sensational than the stimulating tightness of a C-ring!

Settle the adjustable ring behind your balls and make sure it’s comfortable for you.

Slide your junk into the Handy stroker and start thrusting straight away.

It has been confirmed that wearing C-ring around the testicles instead of the penis helps with premature ejaculation.


#3    Take Your Play up A Notch with 2 Penis Rings at a Go 

Wear the first cock ring behind the testicles.

Slide a second ring (make this one the stretchy type) to the base of your penis.

Now you’re rocking a ring behind your balls and another one before your balls. This will enable you to have a powerful and super firm erection that you’ve probably only seen in porn films.

Next, put your penis inside the Handy sleeve and start wanking away.


How to Hit Your P-Spot and Enjoy Super Strong Milking with a Vibrating Anal Probe and the Automatic Handy Stroker

Sometime back, people linked anal vibrators only to gays but nowadays, that isn’t the case anymore. Anal vibrators are for anyone, both men and women alike, interested in finding new ways to experience sexual pleasure.

As far as gender stereotypes go, guys are offered a limited set of sexual toys, Vibrators are one good way to break out of those boundaries and explore a new realm of sensual gratification.

That’s why we’re introducing you to how to masturbate with the Handy masturbator and a vibrating anal probe.

A vibrating anal probe is one of the main types of anal vibrators. The 2 other popular anal vibes are vibrating butt plugs and vibrating anal beads.

What Is A Vibrating Anal Probe?

Smaller than the butt plug or prostate massager, anal probes are approximately the size of the human finger which makes them the ideal device for beginners.

The main purpose of the vibrating anal probe is to glide in, vibrate, and stimulate your prostate. However, some men use it as a foreplay tool to tickle other parts of their body including their dick.

They then use it to fuck their ass while an automatic hands-free stroker helps them wank off their dick. Vibrating anal probes vary in design, shape, and size.

When shopping for one, make sure you buy a design with a flared base to ensure the toy doesn’t get lost or probably stuck down there.


To get started,


Firstly, get the Handy masturbator and a body-safe vibrating anal probe.


Secondly, use this diagram as a guide to locate what you’ll be stimulating – your prostate.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Thirdly, learn how to have the most crazily sensuous time ever by hitting your male G-spot and fucking your penis simultaneously.


How-To Guide

  1. Before you begin masturbating, take a test drive with your vibrator by pressing it firmly across your body without turning on the motor. This helps to familiarize your body with the feel of the vibrator.
  2. Play around with the settings to get acquainted with the functions.
  3. Start your foreplay by turning on your vibrator to a low setting and run it across your arms, belly, scalp, butt, nipples, and other places you fancy. Well, anywhere but your genitals and apply deep pressure when moving the toy over these areas.
  4. Also with deep pressure, move the vibrator to sensitive parts like the perineum, inner thigh, and up and down your shaft. Remember you’re aiming for a more intense release, so don’t tease your shaft to the extent it’ll ejaculate prematurely.

When you deeply press the vibrator to the perineum, it’ll stimulate your prostate externally which gives a sweet feeling. When you get to your scrotum, you may want to press the vibe gently because hard press might not feel so good.

  1. When you get to your anus, gently slide the device in, and tilt it toward the prostate. But before you do this, ensure you’ve applied plenty of anal lube at the edge and deep within your anus.
  2. Tease your prostate a bit till you’re aroused, and remove the toy.
  3. Lube up your penis if you want. Slide it into your Handy sleeve, and adjust grip, stroke speed, and length to desired settings.
  4. To draw out your solo play, begin with a low thrust speed. Start stroking with your Handy, at the same time. With your other free hand, slide your probe into your butt, and use it to tease your prostate and fuck your ass till you cum.

Male Masturbation Machines: Health Benefits 

Helps in managing premature ejaculation: The therapists of sex across the globe found that men who do premature ejaculation during sex can get advantage from masturbation if he does masturbation for about 2 hours before sex and masturbation machines play an important role in that. This enables men to have longer duration before another ejaculation comes on.

Improves Sperm Motility: Some researches proved that masturbation can improve some motility and quality. Theoretically, it is said that a man before masturbation intercourse can release the residual sperms in the transporting tubules of semen. In this way, for the new and better sperms that are released during the sexual act and help in increasing the chances of conception that can add to health benefits.

Prevents Prostate Cancer: In one of the researches in Australia, it is found that men ejaculated more than three or five times a week can be third less to develop prostate cancer. So, masturbation and its machines help you to do that and hence you flush bad substances out of your system and will protect you from prostate cancer.

Keep you last longer: It helps you to take yourself to palm prom that can help you to stretch your sack sessions. Make yourself train by keeping timing, as like how long you take to orgasm. Usually, if it takes two-three minutes solo, then try for the next three times. Or, you can also count the number of strokes you need to get to a happy place.

Helps in managing stress and depression: Masturbation with machines can help in reducing stress level and manages it. With the help of it, you can release the feel-good hormones known as Oxytocin in the body. Also, it has been found useful in reducing depression.

Helps in reducing nasal congestion: In one of the studies, it is demonstrated that masturbation or sex helps in the reduction of swelling vessels of the nose. Theoretically, it may improve the symptoms of the hay fever, common cold, allergic rhinitis and many other health-related ailments.

Boost your mood: Masturbating helps in releasing a slew of neurochemicals of good feeling like oxytocin and dopamine which boost your satisfaction, lift your spirits and activate the reward circuits in the brain. An orgasm is one of the biggest non-drug blasts of dopamine which is available and it advantages health in more than one way.

Masturbation will not put hair on palms. Rather what it permits you to understand the need of your body better and helps you to pursue sexual pleasure on your own which may lead you to release tension, also provides an option for the safer sex activity with partners. It also allows you to explore your fantasies.

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