What does it mean for your Handy to be IoT ready?

Since 1999 when the term was coined, “Internet of Things” or IoT has grown to become one of the biggest technologies of the twenty-first century.

The technology encompasses the billions of consumer products – cars, alarms, phones, kitchen appliances, watches, teledildonic sex toys – that connect to the internet through embedded devices. Sharing and collecting data from all over the world.

IoT makes seamless communication possible between the digital world, people, and things. It is what turns an ordinary cell phone that could only text and call into a super device (the smartphone) that could browse, stream movies, and shop.

In this post, we’ll look a bit more into what IoT is all about and what it means for The Handy masturbator to have IoT capabilities.


What Is An IoT Device?

We’d like to skip past tons of technical jargon and just stick with a simpler definition. And here you have it:

An “Internet of Things” device is any device you can connect and control via the internet. These devices are able to exchange and collect data in real-time because they contain built-in sensors and software.


Brief History of IoT

The term Internet of Things was first mentioned by Kevin Ashton in 1999 during a presentation to Procter & Gamble’s senior management.

Ashton, who was then an executive director at the Auto-ID Center of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was explaining the benefits of the internet and radio frequency ID (RFID).

In his presentation, Ashton used “internet of things” to describe a system where sensors act as the eyes and ears of a computerized device.

Ashton may be the one to coin the term “IoT” to represent connected devices, but the concept didn’t originate from him.

The tech world has been experimenting with the idea of IoT as early as the 1970s, though under the monikers: pervasive computing and embedded internet.


When Did IoT Start To Trend?

As mentioned, IoT is not exactly a new concept. It wasn’t until some few years back that the tech world started witnessing a major boom in the production of IoT-enabled devices. Here is the reason why:

  • Design of more reliable wireless networks to connect devices over the internet.
  • Development of smaller, cheaper sensors and computer processors that could transform previously dumb devices into super-smart ones.
  • Development of sophisticated real-time software has enabled data to be collected or exchanged with sensors faster more efficiently and accurately than before.


What Does It Mean That Handy Is IoT Ready?

When we say the Handy is IoT ready, it simply means it is a masturbating machine you can connect to the internet. That’s not all there is to it though. The masturbator is designed to send and collect data in real-time more efficiently and securely.

If you’re wondering, “Of what use is all this?” or “Why in the world would someone complicate a stroker by giving it an internet connection?

Then you’ve obviously not experienced the joys of masturbating virtually with your partner. We are also triple sure you’ve never had a VR romp with a hot pornstar before. If you try it, then you will be thankful that such a technology exists.

Besides allowing you to bang any sexy babe of your choice, and experience realistic sex with a distant partner – an internet-connected Handy also provides this additional benefit:

You don’t need to buy a new model or send your masturbator to any tech center anytime there is an update to give the device more functions. All you do is connect your Handy to the internet and follow the update instructions.







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