Looking for Handy reviews?

We know that no matter how good the Handy team think of what we have created, nothing beats thorough reviews that brakes down the product and its capabilities. One thing is to provide credibility of the product and of us as a company, but the feedback is just as valuable for us – no matter if it is positive or negative. We are constantly working on new elements that can increase the customer’s pleasure and keep up with the technological development. Feedback from testers and customers are crucial in such a process.

Therefore, we have sent out HandyTM to a various of testers and bloggers, both written and YouTube based. We will of course post these reviews on our blog so that existing and new customers can get an unbiased analysis of HandyTM. (We have not payed any of the testers/bloggers to review the product)

One recent of the recent Handy reviews was from Forbidden Writings, and we are humble to his thoughts about HandyTM.  “I know I don’t have a rating system on my blog, but if I did, I’d have to give Handy a higher-than-max score and recommend that anyone who wants to experience masturbation in ways they never thought possible to purchase this product and follow the Handy team for news on their newest innovations.”

If you want to see unboxing of HandyTM take a look at this video from another tester, M’sieur Jérémy:

UndieGuy has also done review on his webpage and YouTube which you can see below.

Enjoy, and please leave a comment below if you have anything on your mind!

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