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Ohdoki AS
General Terms and Conditions of Supply

1. General

These General Terms and Conditions exclusively govern the use of our website www.thehandy.com and the
conclusion of contracts on the sales of products presented thereon. By using the site, you agree to these General
Terms and Conditions, if you do not agree, do not use this site.
The services of our webshop are aimed exclusively at consumers, i.e. at customers making purchases for their
own personal use.
These General Terms and Conditions apply to all Handy products (Products) delivered by Ohdoki AS
(Seller) to the customer (Customer).

2. Orders

Before proceeding to check out by pressing the “Go to checkout” button, you have to verify the contents in your
shopping cart. You can edit the content by either clicking the “Remove” button to delete an item from your cart,
or you can edit the number of items. When you have pressed the “Go to checkout” button, you confirm your
purchase by pressing the “Buy” button. When you press the “Buy” button, you have placed a legally binding
order to purchase the items in your shopping cart.
We will submit an e-mail receipt confirming the order has been placed and is being processed. This receipt is not
an order confirmation. We will submit a separate Order Confirmation by e-mail once we have processed your
order. We maintain the right to reject an order and if so, you will be informed by e-mail within reasonable time.
The sales contract including details of the order placed, and these General Terms and Conditions will be
enclosed in the Order Confirmation submitted to you. You can access the General Terms and Conditions in the
online shop at any time. Registered customers have access to orders placed by logging in to their personal
account under “My account”.

3. Prices

All prices published in our online shop are inclusive of value added tax (“VAT”), custom duties and shipping
unless explicitly stated otherwise
The Seller reserves the right to change prices for the Products displayed on www.store.thehandy.com at any time. Any
price changes will not affect an order that has already been placed and accepted by the Seller. In the event of a
pricing error, we will notify you and you can either choose to proceed with the transaction at the updated price or
cancel your order. No additional cost will incur should you choose to cancel your order.

4. Payment

We accept the following payment methods: debit and credit card, and payment through Paypal. If you are paying
by credit card, when you submit your order, we may block up to the total amount of the order on your credit
card. Your credit card will be charged once we accept your order.
We reserve the right to verify the identity of the card holder. To ensure that your credit or debit card is not being
used without your consent, we will validate name, address and other personal information supplied by you
during the order process against information held by the card issuer and integrator. By accepting these terms and
conditions, you consent to such checks being made.

4.1 Klarna Payments

In order to offer you Klarna’s payment methods, we might in the checkout pass your personal data in the form of contact and order details to Klarna, in order for Klarna to assess whether you qualify for their payment methods and to tailor those payment methods for you. Your personal data transferred is processed in line with Klarna’s own privacy notice.

5. Delivery

The Seller shall deliver the Products to the location set out in the order.
Delivery is completed on the completion of (in the case of delivery) unloading or (in the case of collection)
loading of the Products at the Customer’s location or pick up or drop off point.
If the Customer fails to accept or (as applicable) collect the Products within three (3) Business Days of the Seller
notifying the Customer that the Products are ready for collection, then delivery of the Products shall be deemed
to have been completed at 9.00 am on the third (3 rd ) Business Day after the day on which the Seller notified the
Customer that the Products were ready for collection.

Exemption to this is if delays or failure to deliver is a force majeure event or the Seller’s failure to comply with
its obligations under the contract.

6. Returns and refunds

Due to the intimate nature of the product, we are unable to accept returns of items you have used but are unsatisfied with. Our staff, due to health and hygiene concerns, will not handle any shipping boxes that appear to have been opened. This means that if you have opened the outer shipping box of your order, we cannot accept the items inside as returns.

If you have received a faulty or damaged product, we will offer a replacement product as specific in Clause 8. If you want to return a faulty or damaged product, please contact [email protected] for return instructions, customs information and return address.

You can return your product(s) within 30 days of receiving them if they are inside the sealed shipping box. If you want to return any item, please contact [email protected] in advance for return instructions, customs information and return address.

A refund will be given to the same card that you used in the original purchase, less the cost of actual shipping costs, customs/duties clearance and handling.

6.1 Information regarding the statutory right to cancel

In any case, the Customer forfeits the right to cancel the order for the product(s) in question should the Seller, at their own discretion uncover any of the following:

7. Customer Services

In the event of any problems or disagreements, we will always strive to find a solution in the interest of our
customers. Our dedicated customer service team is happy to help you with advice and assistance. You can email
us at [email protected] to tell us about your concerns and experiences.

8. The Customer’s rights in the event of defects – complaints

The Customer is obliged to inspect the Products delivered by the Seller for any defects and to inform the Seller
by e-mail as soon as possible after delivery. However, the deadline for submitting a complaint is two months
from the time at which the Customer discovered the defect.
In case of faults and/or defects, the Customer must report these to the Seller without delay. Furthermore, the
Customer must specify the faults and defects he has ascertained accurately, while presenting relevant proof,
including, in any case the presentation of sound photographic evidence and/or video images. To protect your
privacy, please do not include personal identifiable information including photographic or video images.
The Customer must send a request for a Product Return to “Customer Services” by e-mail to
[email protected]. Customer Services will submit a Return Confirmation to the registered e-mail.
For complete details on how to return a purchased Product, please refer to the Return Refund section.

9. Lability for defects

If a product has a defect and the Customer notifies the Seller within the time period specified in clause 8, the
Seller can choose to either remedy the defect by way of substitute delivery or by rectification. The Customer
shall not carry out any remedy of any defect unless agreed with the Seller. In any event, the Seller shall not be
responsible for any substitute delivery or rectification of the products to/at another place of delivery than initially
In the event that a defect is not remedied within a reasonable period of time from the date of notice of the claim,
the Customer may cancel the purchase, provided that the defect is substantial.
The Seller is not responsible for any damages or losses caused by further application of the Products or any
consequences such as liquidated damages, indemnities, expenditure costs, damages the Products have caused any
person or item, unless the damages or the loss is caused by defects relating to willful misconduct or gross
negligence by the Seller.

10. The Consumer’s contribution to the fulfilment of the purchase

The Consumer shall
a) provide such assistance as is reasonable to expect of him or her in order for the Seller to be able to
fulfil the purchase, and
b) take possession of the Products by collecting or receiving it.

11. Intellectual Property Rights

All Intellectual Property Rights in or arising out of or in connection with the Products, shall be owned by the

12. Personal data

Your privacy is of great importance to us. We process your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy,
which is available here: link.

13. Limitation of Liability

The Seller does not accept any liability whatsoever, for damages or personal injury suffered by the Customer,
unless they are a direct result of an attributable failure or wrongful act of the Seller.
No damages may be claimed in respect of indirect loss.
These limitations of the Seller’s liability do not apply if the Seller has been guilty of gross negligence or willful
The Seller is not be liable for damages if the Customer has stored or used the Products contrary to the guidelines
issued by the Seller.

14. Governing law

The rights and obligations of the parties under this contract shall in their entirety be governed by Norwegian law.
Should a dispute arise between the parties as to the interpretation or the legal effects of the contract, the parties
shall first seek to resolve such dispute through negotiations.
If a dispute is not resolved through negotiations, either party may require such dispute to be resolved with final
effect before the Norwegian courts of law.