Virtual sex let couples simulate real-life sex irrespective of the distance between the two parties. In the past, this used to be very expensive, but all that has changed thanks to several advances in technology. Presently, we now have low cost and mid-range smart sex toys for men and women that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

For people that are new to it, virtual sex includes all forms of sexual experience or contact that make use of communication technology like:

  • Phones
  • Webcams
  • Emails
  • Teledildonics (Smart sex toys that uses digital remote simulation)
  • Virtual Reality 

One of the newest offerings in the world of virtual sex for men is Teledildonics, or smart sex toys. Teledildonics is the high-tech technology that involves syncing adult sex toys wirelessly for both long-distance control and close-range Bluetooth through an internet connection.

Virtual sex is popularized and favored by people in long-distance relationships craving for a more shared experience than the usual phone sex or sexting.

How Teledildonics Started

Teledildonics is a relatively young technology. It is not quite clear when the knowledge of this field came to light, but the expression “teledildonics” popped up around 1975. However, teledildonic devices gained prominence in the market in the mid-2000s.   

Initially, teledildonics were novelty products. But the more technology matured coupled with improved real-time internet connection, teledildonics became commonplace devices.

2019 saw teledildonics with its associated software used extensively in the online sex market. These devices are now increasingly used in webcam shows. This brings about better interactivity, enabling viewers to relate directly with their host.

Who Are The Users Of Teledildonics?

Teledildonics was originally created to facilitate deeper visceral intimacy between long-distance couples. Presently, this technology is now being used in many other areas in the sexual services industry.

Several leading webcam models are presently utilizing teledildonics to encourage viewer participation. This model is a win-win for both the host and viewers. Viewer participation increases sexual pleasure which makes them come back for more and it also brings more viewers. As a result, the webcam model earns more pay as the number of subscribers increases.

Cost of Teledildonic Male Sex Toys

The cost of teledildonic devices for men ranges from about $70 to as high as $250. The price of these sex toys depends on the company and the overall features incorporated into the device.

Before purchasing any teledildonic sex toy, it is advisable to carefully read reviews before making a purchase. In addition, consider the safety and hygiene of the device before buying, as many manufacturers may not allow you to return opened items.

Best Teledildonic Sex Toy For Men

Seeing teledildonic devices are still new in the market, hence, the companies specializing in them are still few.

Our aim with Handy is to triple men’s sexual pleasure by offering them a safe, hygienic masturbator that actually works. In addition to making sex with a long-distance partner possible.

The Handy™ masturbator has been through several tests and designs in order to ensure the final product does what it is supposed to do: give men great suction in addition to mind-blowing orgasms.

This super male stroker has a firm grip, different stroke length and speed you can adjust to find your sweet spot. The device is noiseless which is not the norm among most noisy male strokers and you can use it with or without a lube.

Furthermore, it can be synced with a smart phone which can be controlled by you or your partner whether they are right next to you or in another location.

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