Male strokers – You’ve probably read glowing online reviews about them and their enticing sexual perks.  Regarded as the ultimate alternative to penetrative intercourse, a male stroker elevates masturbation to a completely new level. When it comes to exciting nerve endings and properly stroking the penis shaft, these compact, powerful devices varies as much in satisfaction as the real deal.

Sot if you are a relative newcomer to the male masturbator’s domain, getting the right stroker can be a headache. With different models unpacking different features, what does an ideal stroker look like? 

This article highlights the top features that you should never miss in any male stroker you spend money on.

Safety in Strokers are Key

When surfing the internet for male strokers, don’t just add beautifully-packaged products to your shopping cart. Unless you want to be part of those sex-toy horror stories, always verify the quality and safety of your stroker before making a purchase. Technically, manufactures should use health-focused materials like silicone, PVC, thermoplastic elastomer or rubber to make strokers.

 Other cheaper materials like latex tend to ignite severe skin irritations and allergic reactions that no one would want. Any male masturbator is supposed to heighten sexual pleasure, but not at the expense of perfect physical and mental health. Stick to safe materials with the perfect texture to rub on your penis perfectly.

To guarantee your safety, always check in with reputable sex toy brands.

Strokers 101: Keep it simple

So let’s picture this. Your penis is erect, you are head-to-toe ready for those climactic shock waves, but you can’t figure out how to use your stroker. Instead of spending too much time maneuvering the machine’s build (and eventually losing steam), why not buy a male stroker with an ergonomic design instead. 

This simply translates into a male stroker that would give the average Joe an easy time. Ergonomics encompasses aspects such as perceivable button placement, customizable features, one-size-fits-all masturbation canals, and frugal cleaning and lubricating components. 

If setting up your male stroker takes more time than actually using it, you better turn the other way. 

Should Favor Your Sexual Inclinations

Are you into butt stuff? Does the feel of some amount of suction on your penis drive you nuts? Do you prefer having just the tip rubbed? Thing is, we all have our sexual preferences that make sexual pleasure worthwhile. Luckily enough, we have enough male strokers in the market to accommodate every man’s sexual desires. 

If you love blow jobs, for example, stick to a male stroker geared towards oral stimulation. Such strokers come with strong, soothing penis grippers and a mouth-like opening to home your penis until you “get there”.

If intense vibrations are your thing, ensure you get a vibrating model. If proper rubbing is okay for you, go for one with a soft and moist masturbation canal. The more you love it, the more intense the orgasm and overall experience will turn out.

Additional Features for Convenience

The days when you would restrict the intensity of your self-pleasure to the boring features of a limb-like versions are far behind us. Today, manufacturers top off male strokers with additional modern features like Bluetooth, Virtual reality, music syncing and WIFI. 

Whether you love jerking off to the sound of your favorite playlist, or you highly uphold a virtual sexual partner, you can have all those features integrated into your stroker. 

Masturbation is conventionally an important, fun aspect of a man’s life. To level up your masturbation game, ensure the above aspects feature in your stroker.

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