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Full Handsfree Bundle (EU/UK)

Original price was: NOK2841.88.Current price is: NOK2415.00.(incl. MVA)

This bundles is perfect for you who wants to maximize your experience with The Handy by removing the need to hold it. It includes the HandsFree Desk Mount, the Handsfree Cup, and The Handy set (The Handy device + TrueGrip sleeve + TrueGrip band). Enjoy the moment and immerse yourself in your Handy experience.

This bundle includes:

Handsfree Desk Mount (EU/UK)

The Handy HandsFree Desk Mount is designed to maximize your experience with Handy by removing the need to hold it. Enjoy the moment and immerse yourself in your Handy experience. It includes a desk clamp with two 1/4’’ threads for vertical or horizontal setup and an articulating arm with 1/4’’ screws on both ends. Requires the Handsfree Cup to attach your Handy. Item available with added discount as part of Handsfree Bundle and Full Handsfree Bundle.

  • Easy positioning: The arm can be adjusted to any angle based on your requirement. You can position your Handy at many angle and adjust it accurately with one knob to knock or release your desired position.
  • Versatility: The desk clamp is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and can be mounted on most desks. It features two 1/4’’ threads and can open up to a maximum of 60mm.
  • Rubber pads: both the arm and the desk clamp feature rubber cushions that prevent marks and scratches and assure the Handsfree Desk Mount to lock tight.
  • Compact: when not in use, the arm and the clamp can be easily folded for compact storage, making it easy to store and transport the accessories whenever needed.

Material: Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Rubber.

Arm folded length: 130 x 25 mm.

Clamp folded length: 110 x 60 x 45 mm.

The maximum loading weight of the arm is 2.5 kg.

The Handy Handsfree Cup

Freedom to move and freedom to choose

Our hands-free cup uses a standard 1/4-inch screw socket — allowing the Handy to be held by common camera and microphone attachments.

You can refer to the illustration below on how you can assemble your Handy with other attachments along with the Handsfree Cup for a personalized experience. Please note you'll need other attachments. You can purchase them separately here or as part of bundles for additional discounts. They are not included with the Handsfree Cup.

Hands Free Cup Guide

Got a 3D printer? Print it out yourself.

The Handy (EU)

Norway Customers: Please expect delays in receiving your orders due to unforeseen hiccup at customs. We are working hard to resolve this. Thank you for your patience and continued support.
UK Customers: The device ships with an EU (standard) 2-pin power plug.

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