The whole of Europe is experiencing lockdown right now, and some of you might be struggling to stay sexually connected with your partner.

This doesn’t have to be your reality, though. There are ways to keep your sex life healthy and flourishing in your long-distance relationship. But, it requires effort from both you and your partner.

So, how can you maintain sexual intimacy and remain strong with your partner even whilst being apart?

Read on to learn a few of our tips!

Sexually Connected: Use Teledildonic Sex Toys

Presently, technology has brought into existence several sex toys for men and women. There are several remote control vibrators and Bluetooth male sex toys that allow you and your partner to control the vibrations and speed of each other’s toy. You can use these to stay sexually intimate, and experience some live interaction.

Besides keeping the desire alive, these toys also preserve emotional connection. Because what might bring us closer than overcoming those hurdles?

Spice Things Up With Dirty Talk

Frequently chip in dirty talks to fantasize about upcoming sexual meetings together and to recollect past sexual experiences.

You could ask your partner what kind of dirty talk they are most comfortable with before you start. It can be a good way to make sure you dont cross the line straight of the bat.

Have Frequent Meaningful Conversations

Even though sexy and playful chats can be meaningful to a relationship, remember to have conversations about your disappointments, hopes, and fears too.

Experts confirm that sharing your vulnerable side with someone is the number one way to develop greater physical intimacy with them.

Reveal Your Desires

As you countdown to your coming reunion, stay connected to your partner by sharing new things you want to engage in sexually when you get together.

Making a joint bucket list of sex play, techniques, and positions will fuel your desire for one another and make you look forward to having sex together.

Get online!

There are several exiting erotic games out there where you can meet your partner as a fantasy version of yourself. Its a thrilling way to get the imagination going! Who knows, maybe you even find yourself adventuring on to exploring new things that seemed a bit over the edge in real life?

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