Hi HandyTM user! We wanted to write a small introduction and starting guide to the existing, as well as upcoming users of HandyTM. The team is very excited to share this product with you after spending a good amount of time on the drawing table.

Remember that HandyTM introduces a new method for masturbating compared to other products in the market. You don’t just stick it in and push start, but you need to get to know HandyTM. We therefore recommend you to follow our starting guide and;

  • Understand how it works
  • Read the user manual that is in the box or read it here
  • Check out the blog posts we have on the functionalities
  • Do a trial session without mounting your penis in the sleeve

When you have done this, you’re ready to go!

When you start remember that;

  • Handy needs to calibrate before you use it. If the stroke does not go all the way, restart the machine for a new recalibration
  • You can use the machine with or without lubrication. It gives two different feelings
  • Connect the sleeve and penis to the TrueGripTM band without connecting the power cable. This gives a bit more flexibility in the start up
  • Try it out with a manual masturbation machine
  • Use different tightening on the TrueGripTM band
  • The TrueGripTM band works best with the TrueGripTM The TrueGripTM Sleeve has a special deign that helps it stay in place during use.
  • Use the different stroke lengths and speed options! It provides a variety of combinations and gives you the flexibility to set it exactly where you want it

Remember that we have a team ready to assist you to ensure a best possible HandyTM feeling, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any issues, questions or comments!

If you have other comments feel free to share them below! We are open for users’ tips and tricks:)


  • Will the next model have AI?
    Can the current model be set to run a sequence of different strokes and lengths?
    Is it possible to configure your own stroke pattern including lengths and position.

    Can the app have choices on how to operate?
    Instead of length and speed, can there be a page where the setting is stroking the head, hand-job and deepthroat and changed by clicking on a picture?

    If this could be combined with the AI features of the Autoblow it would be perfect! Still trying to decide which to purchase.

    Thanks (and I have signed up the the newsletter although it was hard to find how to sign up)

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