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Sit down comfortably and let us guide you. We’ve put together a simple, easy guide to setting up your device so you can discover all the functionalities The Handy ™ has to offer.

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Handy Basics

What’s in the box?

The first thing you’ll need to do is unbox your Handy™. Here’s what you can find inside the packaging, and the purposes of each piece:

  • The Handy™ Of course, you’ll find your new Handy™ inside the packaging — ready to make your fantasies a reality.
  • Power supply & the Power cable (socket for your country included) — There’s nothing more annoying than toys dying mid-play, so the Handy operates on a cable only. The motor and computer we’ve put inside make for powerful play.
  • TrueGrip sleeve — This technology makes your pleasure experience unforgettable. Oh! By the way, see that foam roll inside your sleeve? Do not throw it away. This actually makes the sleeve last for longer so store it in your sleeve after each usage and cleaning.
  • TrueGrip band — This band helps you connect the sleeve to the Handy and adjust the grip to your liking.
  • User booklet Manual — The Handy ™ is capable of a whole lot… so we do recommend you read this!

Manual Mode

By default the Handy operates in the Manual (Offline) mode. So every time you plug it in or restart it, it’s ready to go without any additional setting up.

Learn more about the Manual Mode & Care

Online Mode

Here's where the magic happens. And by magic, we mean endless pleasure opportunities. With its versatility and adaptability, you can explore interactive pleasure in so many ways:

  • Synch your Handy™ amazing content provided by our partners! 4k, 8k VR and so much more!
  • Control your Handy remotely from anywhere on the planet (it’s not space compatible just yet)
  • Play the videos locally on your device
  • Play around and create your own scripts, or check out our community showcase

Learn how to set up WiFi connection

Manual Usage & Care Guidelines

Manual Usage
Your Handy came with a user manual, but you can also find a digital version of the same manual in several languages at the link below.

Handy is just like any other device, meaning you need to care for it and make sure it’s nice and clean after every usage. But fear not, we like to keep things fun so The Handy™ is simple to maintain — no chores!

More Care Info

Wi-Fi Setup

For New Users
Every straight-from-the-box device is running on Firmware 2. The first step you need to do to dive into the Handyverse is to set up the WiFi connection. Put simply, you need to show your Handy how to connect to a WiFi of your choice. Note that the Handy can remember only one WiFi network at a time, so if you want to connect to a different one than the one saved on your Handy, you’ll need to go through the WiFi Setup again.

Connect Your handy to Wi-Fi — guide for new users (Firmware 2)

Firmware 3
If it's not your first time using The Handy, but you updated your device to Firmware 3 and have some questions, this manual is for you. The WiFi Setup process is a bit different than before, so we’ve got you covered with an easy guide.

Connect Your handy to Wi-Fi — guide for Firmware 3 users

Into The Handyverse

Handy Feeling

This is your gateway to the Handyverse! All the cool connectivity features wait for you to explore. All you need to do to kick-start your journey is to set up your WiFi connection (If you’ve been following along you’ll have this already) and a Connection Key (we covered that part in the WiFi Setup Video Guidelines.)

Visit The Handy Feeling

“When you are put into the scene with a VR headset and then a script is used to match the model’s actions to the movement of the Handy, the level of immersion is off the charts.”

Happy Handy user & VR entusiast

What You Get from the HandyVerse

Video Synchronisation

We have integrated with several amazing content providers to deliver Handy synchronization with their video collections. You can find a full list of our partners on our interactive platform — Handy Feeling.

More on Video

Remote Control

Handy can work at a distance from any place in the world! As long as you have a WiFi connection to be precise. On the Handy Feeling website, you’ll find a remote app that gives you or a partner full motion control over your Handy.

More info

Local Video Player

If you do not want to use our partners content there is a Local Vido Player created just for you. You can play scripts that you’ve created for a certain video, or go through libraries we collected for you and pick something that suits you.

Local video player

We’re a Whole Community!

The Handyverse has a vibrant community of sextech enthusiasts. You can enjoy the works of their members or contribute to the Community library building. Play along! Want to contribute to the community or just stay in touch? Check out our social media channels.

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