We can all agree that male masturbation has eventually managed to stick its head out of the mud and that male sexual pleasure is on the agenda. Advanced sex toys continue to include a whole new dimension to both solo and partner-focused sexual pleasure, which is worth celebrating.

But despite penis focused toys prevailing for decades now, many men still cling onto their skepticism. Traditional, old-fashioned masturbation techniques are still a part of many men’s private moments of pleasure, simply because of information gaps.

Well, here is an introduction to the exciting and pleasurable world of male sex toys. Enjoy!

What are Male Sex toys?

Simply put, male sex toys are adult toys mostly manufactured from silicone and designed to level up sexual pleasure in masturbating or sexually active men, sexuality notwithstanding. These handy devices come in divergent shapes and sizes, making them viable for penis owners of all ages and all sizes. We also have different types, featuring auto-blows, sex dolls, prostate massagers, automatic masturbators, cock rings, and male strokers, among others.

Topped off with classic features that can mimic real-life sexual simulations, automatic sex toys are giving dildo and vibrator-manufacturers a run for their money.

It doesn’t matter whether you use them as masturbation aids or prefer flashing them out when getting down with a partner, these devices are the surest bet to having a mind-blowing and relieving orgasm.

The Growing Use Of Male Sex Toys

Modern day technology makes everything more accessible, and others more approachable. In the world of sex toys, the possibilities are endless. One quick search on the internet, and you can find almost everything you are looking for. There are a lot of options for all of us, but some may look tricky to use.
Happily, each of them has a purpose. Some will make your couples experience hotter, others will help you perform longer, and then, there are the ones you can enjoy all by your glorious self.

In the process of choosing your sex toy, take notes of their usage and characteristics and see how you want it, how you need it and of course, how to use it.

It’s important to remember that it’s perfectly fine to try them all because they can provide you with different types of pleasure.

For example, automatic masturbators and manual strokers can sometimes give you a better sexual experience than regular sex, as you can control every movement, you can choose your desired grip and of course, you can do it while you watch your favorite materials. And if not better, at least it offers a quite different experience all together.

Simply lube yourself up and get started. Make sure to clean the device thoroughly after you’re done and of course, do it again!

There are also toys you can only use with your partner. Cock rings, for example, are a great option for longer-lasting erections. They will slow the blood flow, keeping things interesting for a longer time. Whether you choose a simple one or a vibrating one, chances are, you are going to have a lot of fun!
The male sex toys are great, and some of them also have medical purposes, making them very important in some people’s lives. Don’t be afraid to try more!

Why Is There a Taboo on Sex Toys for Men?

Few people know, but with regard to sex toys for men there is an interesting paradox. Despite the fact that about 70% of visitors to sex shops are men, toys for the penis or prostate are in much less quantity than for the vagina. It seems that manufacturers are developing such devices on the residual principle, only to avoid offending anyone, and men often have to buy items considered “female”. Why does this happen?

First, there is a common myth that sex toys are only wanted by those who can not get the real deal. This opinion is often also heard about women.

“Why do I need a rubber vagina when I can easily access the real one?” Although such a childish comment is obviously ignorant, it’s still one that flourishes the web and real life conversations. It also very much helps to increase the taboo on sex toys, and by doing that – helping to decrease sexual pleasure and health for everyone.

In addition, we should not consider masturbation and sex interchangeable things: we masturbate for various reasons (from horniness to boredom to insomnia) we want a controlled rapid orgasm, and sex – the interaction with another person, which means the process is pleasantly unpredictable and full of emotions. Both masturbation and sex can be done with a partner – in each others presence or even appart using interactive tools.
I am sure you can agree that few of us give up “loving ourselves” just because we have a partner. In addition to that, any sex toy can be used by two (or three, if you like) – and thus make the time spent together more interesting. After all, humanity as a species has always attracted novelty.

“Men Don’t Cry”

We are used to the idea that women are complex and incomprehensible beings, and men are as simple as stools and lack emotions. Society is suspicious of men who experiment and try to study their sexuality. But it is easy to see how this unfairly limits men’s pleasure. And although we all know that everyone has the right to a variety of pleasures, we still see the same old stereotypes portrayed.

Thirdly, few people even know what modern sex toys can offer. “I do a great job myself, without any devices,” is a used up frase by now. But of course, the unknown is sometimes magical.

Common Myths About Male Sex Toys

The truth is, some years back, you couldn’t mention the word male sex toy and get away with it. If you are lucky, you’ll get some funny looks and ghastly facial expressions. To some men, the thought of experimenting with a sex toy sounds bonkers.

Thanks to technology, the world today is more sex-positive. You’ll find more topics on sex toys today than ever before, like how to find the best sex toys online, people are discussing in open forums more freely, and the overall trend is on a rise.

However, at the very end, controversy still lingers on the subject, some true, others a complete lie. You can easily fall victim to some of these false theories, and maybe you already have, all at the cost of your sexual pleasure.

Well, we believe the truth is all that matters. So to cut your long wait short, here are some of clarifications;

Sex Toys Replace Your Partner

You might believe that once you get hooked on a sex toy, you’ll spend less time with your partner between the sheets.

Contrary to this, sex toys bring you two closer together, if you are open and honest about it, and chose to let it strengthen your relationship.

While male sex toys bring many fabulous rewards to the table, it doesn’t mean real-life partners are completely out of the equation. For the record, it is impossible to replace a human partner. A pocket pussy won’t cuddle with you, or have a fun, nasty pillow talk.. Not yet at least. Sex toys are only meant to elevate your current sexual experiences by bestowing more pleasurable and exciting sexual sensations. They complement your sexual life, and if you use them well sex toys take your sex game up a notch – with or without a partner.

You Will Become Addicted

Hey – Let’s be frank, a good sex toy is hard to ignore. You might become addicted – if you bought the right toy!!!! You’re always ready to go every time you feast your eyes on your toy. You’re not alone. It happens to most of us because our bodies love pleasure. So next time you jerk off multiple times, feel good about it. We all know that those who take time to get a massage are constantly praised for taking care of their bodies. So take some pride in fulfilling your other needs to. And if you are gonna do something, do it right!

After all, you are making the best of it, just like you use your other gadgets like your computer. Only this time you’re properly enjoying it.

Sex Toys For Men Aren’t Nearly As Cool As Women’s

It is true. Women’s toys have dominated the market in previous years. That, however, isn’t necessarily the case anymore; technology has leveled the playing field, or at least leveling it as we speak.
Some of the best sex sleeves in the market today are for men. Infused with the latest trends technology has to offer, male sex toys can offer the best sexual experiences of all time. Virtual reality integration, remote control, perfect movie sync – there are a lot to say about dildo’s but I am pretty stoked about the recent developments in automatic strokers for penis owners too!

Sex Toys Are For Sad, Lonely People

This is part of why sex toys for men has been such a taboo. Remind you, I am saying “has been” because its on the way out. We all like pleasure. The majority of us enjoy masturbation – at least when done right. So if you are gonna do something, do it right. And enjoy it.
The freedom you feel when jerking off alone is priceless, you also get to try out new things. Such an experience will gear you up for when you meet the right person too if that is on the agenda. And yes, sad lonely people should also get sex toys because it would be a great way to lighten the mood!

Why Do You Need a Sex Toy?

You don’t. Obviously there is absolutely no necessity for human existence, but there are a lot of reasons why it might benefit you.

Improving Libido

Society has placed an unfair stereotype on men’s libido, with popular culture painting males as always horny and wanting sex. Masculinity contrasts and is misaligned with male sexuality due to the naked closeness, emotional connection, and vulnerability that sex requires.

According to research, sex drive is individual and reflects on your mental and physical wellbeing. You should be able to single-handedly take care of your urges and experience the pleasures your body is capable of experiencing. There’s more to male libido than just a desire to mate and with your unique sex drive, there’s need for selfdiscovery and pleasure.

The Issues Of Mismatched Libidos

It’s common for partners to have different levels of sexual drive, and this doesn’t mean you have incompatibility issues. Exploring your sexuality with masturbation and the creativity of sex toys lets you move past sexual advances, and the possibilities of rejection. It is a place where you can practice, discover and learn, without worrying about anything other than your own experience. If you are open and accepting in your relationship, then you can free your partner from experiencing a lack of fulfillment based on your level of needs.

Disparate sex drives may mean that your partner isn’t always ready, and it’s unreasonable to give them a responsibility to satisfy your desires. You shouldn’t feel resentful about reaching for your favorite male sex toy since you know and value yourself, and this fix will resolve your discomfort.

Managing Premature Ejaculation

Sex and relationship therapists across the globe found that men who experience premature ejaculation during sex can get a huge advantage from masturbation by masturbating for an hour or two before sex. This is actually a technique recommended by doctors as part of behavioral treatments for managing premature ejaculation.

Cultivate A Healthy Sexual Relationship With Yourself

Emotionally and physically connecting with yourself for a healthy, happy life should be the normal. Take care of your needs with a highly functional male solo-action machine that not only spices up the stimulation but also handles the mess? Why shouldn’t you? Life is short, pleasure is real.

Improve Sperm Quality

Quoting a previous article “Theoretically, masturbating before intercourse releases the residual sperms in the semen transporting tubules. In this way, masturbation allows for the new and better sperms to be released during sex and help in increasing the chances of conception.”

Might Prevent Prostate Cancer

A study conducted in Australia showed that In one Australian research, it was found that men who ejaculate between 3 and 5 times weekly have ⅓ less chance of developing prostate cancer, especially effective if the efforts were increased in their 20s.

Stress and Depression

Testosterone – improves stamina and arousal.
Dopamine – related to our brain’s reward system.
Prolactin – affects our mood and immune system.
Endorphins – also boosts the mood, relieves stress and a pain reliever.
Oxytocin – the love hormone.

All these hormones are released during ejaculation, which greatly suggests that masturbation could help relieve symptoms from stress and depression.

Clearing a Blocked Nose?

Researchers at Tabriz Medical University in Iran Masturbation has suggested that sex has been shown to help in the reduction of swelling vessels of the nose. Which might also suggest similar effects for masturbation – although more research should definitely be done on this.

Besides, an erection ring enhances the erection and increases the sensitivity of the penis. The Prostate Stimulator massages the prostate you can hardly reach. A heated masturbator can warm your penis to a hot 40°C – you’ll only get such a pleasant bonus like that by yourself if you’re in heavy flu (which in that case you should masturbate, as stated above).

The Best Sex Toys for Men

The sex toy industry has undergone lots of rapid improvements, and men unlike before, are now a priority for manufacturers of erotic sex toys. The ridiculous notion that “real men” don’t need assistance with their masturbation is steadily being axed away.

Nowadays, the design and quality of toys for pleasuring penises have moved beyond low-quality, toxic, and freakishly oversized pocket pussies to stylish, well designed, and high-quality toys.

It’s important to point out there still exist some pretty awful male strokers in the market. To be fair, many of them are within the lower price range for those who couldn’t afford to splurge on the better higher-end strokers.

That being said, we scoured the internet for the recent masturbators that would 100% crank up your pleasure and are totally worth the money.

Here is our top list of male strokers not really from mediocre to the awesome, since everyone’s budgets and needs are different.

Manual Pocket Pussies

Manual pocket pussies are not all that expensive compared to the more advanced automatic masturbators. They contain only basic features, which is not surprising because of their price range.
Pocket pussies come in various types and styles. Some common types include:

  • Anal
  • Vaginal
  • Combination
  • Oral

Before getting one, consider your personal desires and kinks, then choose accordingly. It’s like you’re screwing a real vagina, you probably want to invest in a male masturbator that feels more realistic.
Generally, classic masturbators are made of stretchy sleeves to accommodate all penis sizes and they come with a ribbed or contoured exterior for a secure but gentle grip. When choosing one, confirm that the sleeve is medical-grade.

The other detail to consider before making a purchase is the size of the pocket pussy. If it is solely for home use, then you can pretty much get any size your heart desires.
If you are traveling with it, then you may want to pick a pocket pussy that is more portable and discreet.
One of the major drawbacks of this category of strokers is that seferal models currently available are hellish to clean and dry after use.


A new word in toy construction: this category includes the most unusual – and universal in application – models. That’s what you need for experiments.

Penis Pumps

They are not directly masturbation machines, but they are ejaculation tools as they make the erection more poured and saturated – it’s always interesting, and also exacerbates the sensation if used properly and the wanted results are met.

Automatic Male Strokers

If your manual stroker doesn’t do it for you anymore or you want an occasional variety to spice things up – then an auto stroker is the way to go.

Besides keeping your masturbation workload to a minimum, they have better suction and thrust speeds than the pocket pussies.

If you’re considering an automatic stroker, then you want to keep these 3 tips in mind – Material, size, and battery life (some models drain battery power like crazy).

A good automatic high-tech stroker should come equipped with a good power life and body-safe ultra-realistic sleeve. It should also have adjustable thrust speed, firm grip, layered cup for the best sensation, noiseless, and easy to clean.

Cock Rings

This is a brilliant solo and couple’s toy, as it helps you maintain a stronger and longer-lasting erection, but you should still be careful about what you choose. The vibrating ones usually need extra maintenance, as you need to replace the batteries and they have a short life-span.

It’s important again, that the one you choose will fit you, as it can be unpleasant for it to be too tight or too loose. In case you need one for medical purposes, the size is even more important.

Prostate Massagers

The first tip you need to know straight off about mixing and matching sex toys is where to concentrate your pleasure. A man can enjoy orgasmic pleasures apart from direct penile stimulation, which is through prostate massage. Located inside your butthole on the frontal wall of the rectum, your prostate gland can be stimulated directly through the anus. You can also massage it indirectly via your perineum (the area between your anus and genitals).

How to choose from this variety?

  1. Think about what you want. Looking for new sensations in masturbation? Take one of the penis stimulants. Do you mind exploring new horizons? Take a look at the prostate stimulant. Want to improve sex? Choose a ring or a pump to boost your erection and something versatile like a phallostimulator or a unisex vibrator.
  2. Decide on the budget. You shouldn’t take the cheapest – the feeling is almost sure to be so, and the quality is not much higher. But even the highest cost does not guarantee success. Imagine how much money you are willing to give for a really good device, which will please you for more than one year, and discount 10-15%, so that it would not be so offensive in case of failure – this will be your price bar.
  3. If you stop at a toy that is worn on the penis, measure it. Write down the length, maximum width and diameter of the penis in the erection state, and then make sure that the gadget will not be small or large – the necessary information is available on the site or at the consultants of the store.
  4. Pay attention to the material. High-quality material is a guarantee of safety for your health. Choose medical silicone, abs plastic, glass, ceramics and other hard materials. The toy should not smell of chemistry or leave a greasy, sticky mark on your fingers – these are definite signs of a bad material.

The Conclusion and Our Overall Pick

You need to try it before you know which one works for you. And unfortunately there are a lot of sex toys out there which promises gold but delivers nothing. So we recommend reading the feedback from other users, and make sure you read what the company promises. The best male stroker has to have something extra going for it. It should do more than simply make you cum.

You need to have a real experience. This is determined by tightness, thrust speed, sleeve material, and other extra features that make a masturbation session as stress-free and mind-blowing as possible.
You need to be very careful when you buy a new sex toy, as some of them may be manufactured from cheap and toxic materials, which can have a bad impact on your health, others, may not fit you properly. So we also recommend doing your research and if you are unsure, get in touch with the company.

How To Use Sex Toys

There are, of course, many ways you can use them. By yourself, or with your partner or partners. Sex toys usually have an intentional use, but you can get creative as well ofcourse, and combine and experiment as much as your boundaries allowes.

Let your partner take the control, and maybe throw in a pair of handcuffs and you’re set for a very fun night.

In the process of discovering what you want and what you like, there will be a lot of things to try. Searching for inspiration online can bring you a huge spectrum of ideas, but try and be critical when you try new things – not to limit yourself, quite to the contrary.

By being mindful, you limit the chances of less pleasurable experiences, and thus helping you feel comfortable when you experiment. Being mindful and critical does not mean not being in the grey shades, it just means you enter that realm with confidence and a positive expectation.


Proper care and storage of sex toys, as well as compliance with certain rules of use can extend their life span, avoid premature failure and prevent possible health problems. All sex toys are personal items, it is highly recommended not to pass them on to others.


The choice of lubricant depends on the material from which the sex toy is made. What is common for all the intimate accessories is one thing – you should not use fat-based substances such as cream or petroleum jelly with them. In the best case, it threatens irrevocable damage to the sex toy, at worst – a violation of microflora and inflammatory diseases in the future.

Sex shops offer various types of lubricants.Water-based lubes dry faster, but they can be used with almost any sex toy. Silicone-based lubricants provide excellent long-lasting sliding properties, but they cannot be used with silicone and realist sex toys (CyberSkin, UR3, Futurotic, etc.). If you ignore this, the surface of the toy will be covered with sticky, indelible film. Do the research in advance and see what the toy manufacturer recommends.


There are no restrictions on the duration of use of sex toys, everything depends on the intensity of use, accuracy, compliance with the recommendations and MOST IMPORTANTLY – the quality of the product.
Anal stimulators and other toys without vibration, the reason for write-off to scrap is the appearance of cracks, chips, roughness, mold and permanent contamination.

For sex toys with vibration, critical breakage – problems with vibration, cracks in the battery pack.
The use of realistic vaginas and masturbators is difficult after the appearance of tears and surface cracks.


Any sex toy should be washed carefully before the first use and after each use. Toys with batteries should be washed with special care to prevent water from getting in contact with the electronics. The method of cleaning and disinfection of sex toys depends on the materials they are made of and their design.

Usually it is indicated on the package and a basic list of rules are;

  • Plastic and glass can be washed with warm water and soap and alcohol can be used for disinfection.
  • Latex, gel, silicone – wash with warm water and soap or use a special cleaner for sex toys.
  • “Living body” materials (CyberSkin, UR3, Futurotic, etc.), wash with warm water and soap, special cleaners, dry well and treat with a special powder.

If you are not sure about the type of material, wash the toy with warm water and soap. With sex toys made of realistic materials, rubber or latex it is recommended to use a condom, it will help to significantly extend the products life span.


It is recommended to store sex toys away from direct sunlight and dust sources, in a dry and cool place. Before you hide a sex toy, it must be well dried. If you want to be extra careful, remove batteries from electric sex toys as storing them with the batteries inside might cause some damage.

Some materials that are used to make sex toys can stick together. Therefore, you should store your sex toys by wrapping them special bags, fabric or its original casing.

In the process of discovering what you want and what you like, there will be a lot of things to try. Make sure you do the research to find out what peoples experiences are with different toys. Of course we are all different, so make sure you go for what you want in the end of the day. There are many ways to use a good sex toy, so we would recommend reading the manuals and deep diving into the intentional use of the product, and then later on experiment when you know how to use it. So where do you go to find such reviews? Reddit is a great place to look as people talk freely about their experiences and there are a lot of sex toy recommendations there. Look out for affiliate links, as some of these reviewers are paid by the producers, but mostly it just regular people wanting to let you know – so that’s a great place to start.

Ready to start adventuring? Check out the most advanced high-tech masturbation machine on the market, with adjustable strokes (up to 600 a minute), VR compatibility, perfect movie sync and remote control.

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