Sex toys for men can be daunting, but is a go-to tool to heighten intimacy and up the ante in the bedroom – whether you are in it alone or with company.

Let’s get real: Genitals, mouths, and fingers can only go so far. While the best sex toys are pretty capable of taking care of the rest. 

But trying out a male sex toy for the first time, or introducing a toy into sexual play with your S.O. can be a bit daunting, especially when you don’t know where to start.

Whether you are a man who wants to bring in the male toys or you’re the woman who wishes to use it on her male partner, we will suggest the obvious:

Take the time to test a variety of options. You don’t know what you like until you have tried them all. Saying that, we recommend not going mental on the first buy, take your time to research and find products that people recommend.

That being said, here are a few tips on a sex toy starter’s package that we recommend starting off with.

Strokers or Masturbators

Strokers are by far, some of the most highly demanded male sex toys.

Manual masturbators come in various materials and textures, and offers different sensations to some degree. However, automatic strokers takes it to another level and this is where the different products vary drastically. Some automatic strokers are far more adjustable than others. They include features such as movie sync and wifi connection. Some strokers are difficult to clean, and others are very simple. We recommend doing some proper research in advance. Find a stroker that can be adjusted to your needs and allow you to experience a variety of sensations.

Butt Plugs

Anal sex can still be somewhat intimidating for some people. But we should give anal play a try, as it stimulates the prostate. Which gives us a different but enjoyable kind of orgasm without even touching the penis.

If you and your partner are just trying anal play for the first time, then you want to start with butt plugs. As it might be less intimidating than other anal toys. 


A vibrator is a good way of introducing a hesitant partner or inner skeptic to the world of sex toys. And the good part is – most vibrators can be used to please everyone. There are plenty of both advanced and simple versions out there, but remember, you often get what you pay for with a vibrator. If a vibrator is very small then the motor inside is equally petite. So if you are looking for a powerful vibration then you must increase in size. Or at least up the price for a smaller version. It takes a lot of technology to create intense vibration with a small motor. That’s not to say that a larger vibrator is by nature powerful. However, a small one will struggle to compete with the most advanced larger versions. The Sybian is a good example of what it takes to create the most powerful vibrations – at least up until today.

Penis Pumps

The penis pump is a non-invasive method of enlarging and prolonging an erection. It is a super fun toy to use during sex.

It increases the girth of a penis which enables men to enjoy mind-blowing sex and reach a stronger climax – if effective. There are multiple options out there, which uses very different techniques to receive the same goal, so we recommend yet again that you do a deep dive and see what other people say about the products available.

If you are interested in learning more about sex toys for men, please check out the other articles on our website.

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