It’s the moment a lot of you have been waiting for…

We are super happy and excited to announce that the long anticipated firmware 3 release is here!

We’ll be rolling it out in stages, starting with the lucky first 5% of users to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. To update, simply connect your Handy to Wi-Fi and visit HandyFeeling and click the Connect to Handy button — the website will prompt you to update to Firmware 3 if you’re eligible. If you want to skip the line, you can update manually.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — huge thanks go out to all of you who helped us test FW3 over the past 6 months. We wouldn’t have been able to get here without all of your help!

If this is all brand new to you, here’s a rundown of what you can expect from the next-gen Handy firmware.

Define a stroke zone

You can now set the bottom point as well as the top point of the Handy stroke, opening up much more possibilities when it comes to sensations. By adjusting the top and bottom points, you can define a ‘stroke zone’ within which the Handy will move. Want the Handy to focus solely on the tip of the penis? Now you can!

How can I change the stroke zone?
The bottom point of the stroker can be adjusted by pressing and holding the up or down buttons. The top point, as before, can be adjusted by simply clicking the up or down buttons.

The stroke zone can be adjusted in both offline and online modes.


Bluetooth connectivity

Say goodbye to fiddly set-ups over WiFi hotspots… Handys using Firmware 3 will use Bluetooth connectivity for initial Wi-Fi setup, so initial connection setup to the internet will be a lot easier.

Handy Connect app- our companion app to simplify the initial Wi-Fi setup process for Firmware 2 and Firmware 3 is available of iOS and Android.


Faster sync tracking

The Handy can now instantly follow the action of a synchronized video when skipping to different parts. Previously it would take a few seconds to re-sync when skipping ahead.


New LED status codes

The LED colours and related states have been simplified for better diagnosis. See the meanings of the new LED colours.


Emergency stop with the power button

In any operating mode, pressing the Power Button immediately stops the Handy, making it even safer for users.


Improved Responsiveness

With our entire codebase rewritten for firmware 3, you will find that the Handy is more responsive to button presses and online connectivity.



The new firmware will allow us to develop additional features for the Handy in the future. Thought the Handy was already awesome? Well, you can expect it to just keep getting better!


For Developers


  • The Handy Bluetooth interface allows for the development of local controls for the Handy without the need for Wi-Fi.
  • New REST API adds new protocols for controlling the Handy over the Internet.
  • We have added a proxy that translates Firmware 2 commands to Firmware 3, so existing Handy integrations should not be affected when users upgrade their Handys to Firmware 3.

One thought on “Say hello to Handy Firmware 3

  • Greener grass says:

    The update that my handy did the other day is game changing – I’ve had a handy for like 2 years and absolutely love this device . The update that gives you “stroke zone” is truly what I have been yearning for – it’s a total game changer . Until now I’ve been using my handy upside down on occasion to create a different sensation. This latest update is amazing and I’m extremely grateful! Thank you Everyone at The Handy ✌🏽

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