How can remote control sex toys save your relationship? Do you even need a relationship if you have one? OK, that was a joke, but truly, remote control sex toys brings forth a world of wonder, and here are some of our best arguments as to why you should grab them by the horns!

First though, why do we need them?

The recent lockdown has kept many people from their darling partners. And finding was to stay connected are challenging for many. Even masturbation is suffering! Though most men masturbate by jerking off with their hands, there comes a time when masturbating the same way gets old and uninteresting. 

Manual strokers unfortunately also lose their initial hype after a while. Many disgruntled owners confined at home due to coronavirus reported that the initial excitement wore off quite fast.

In reality, there are many reasons why plain sex toys lose their glory. Maybe we are just so overly entertained these days, that nothing ordinary spikes excitement? Regardless, remote control sex toys are here to kill boredom for all across nations, genders and sexual desires.

Remote Control Sex Toys: The Hype

Remote control sex toy users are one big bunch of happy users because they can access the topmost form of adult entertainment. Physical distance doesn’t deter such users from enjoying sexual interactions with their beloved or sex partners from a distance.

Even though you’re out and about, and not confined to your house, a good remote control toy should be at the top of your must-haves.


Because they are super fun and versatile to play with. Also, they have features that make it easy to introduce adventures into one’s sex life and … 

1. Remote Control Sex Toys Build Intimacy

Remote control sex toys are Wi-Fi enabled and have features that allow your beloved to control your pleasure with their phone – whether they’re across the room from you or in another continent.

According to a sex educator, Searah Deysach, in an interview with Bustle, letting your partner share such sexy activity with you helps in maintaining the feeling of intimacy.

More interestingly, you can sync your remote control toy to a porn site to be controlled by any hot human specimen of your choosing.

2. They Get You Off When You Are Too Lazy

Are you craving a little variety from the usual manual thrusting or are you extremely horny but tired from a long day in your home office? Don’t worry, we get you!

And thats why we make remote control sex toys – because we get it! We want it all and we want to do nothing to get it! All you have to do is adjust their easy-to-operate settings, lie back and enjoy your solo ride to the land of release. Or the VR universe of your choosing, but that’s for the future (stay put and watch, we will get there).

3. You Can Get Naughty at Date Night

As a guy, you can gift a remote control toy to your GF. So you’ll have an opportunity to take your oh, so sweet revenge for the naughty things she did to you when she was remote-controlling your wireless stroker.

What better way to get naughty than by making her use her toy, let’s say at a nightclub. You sit across from her in the crowded room, looking all innocent and lovey-dovey. 

However, your actions are far from innocent because you’re using your phone to give her one of the most fantastic vibrating orgasms in her whole life. 

Who knows, maybe she’ll want to get back at you and show you she isn’t to be trifled with? Would her payback be in the car? Or in a dark corner at the back of the nightclub?

I don’t know, maybe that was too far, but we are trying to show that this is not for the faint hearted but for the brave. The adventurous. The ones who value excitement and growth – real growth!

We could continue on, because the reasons are endless, but this should be enough to show that remote control sex toys are worth the try! Best of luck!

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