Extra TrueGrip Sleeve for the Handy


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The TrueGrip sleeve is designed to ensure maximum pleasure with Handy™ and should last for a long time. However, it is always good to have a couple of extra available.

Superior Pleasure

Fits all men

Handy fits all men, pleasure is guaranteed. Adjust the unique TrueGrip system to firm, soft, or whatever feels best for you.

Soft and nice feeling

Our patent-pending sleeve enhances your pleasure – you won’t believe how soft it feels

Superior Quality

Easy to use

Handy’s simple design means you can focus on having the best time of your day. It’s a no-nonsense quality tool that gets the job done. The TrueGrip sleeve makes the difference.

Easy cleaning

The patent-pending sleeve turns cleaning into a quick and easy job. Just rinse the sleeve with water after use – it’s that simple.


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