Extra TrueGrip open-ended Sleeve for the Handy™

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As part of our on-going sleeve development, we’ve put together a set of open-ended sleeves. These sleeves are tighter and thicker — and there are three of them. Lubrication will be necessary.

Each sleeve has a different firmness, which affects its ability to stretch and therefore the feeling it provides.

Choosing the right firmness

If you like the more loose experience of the original TrueGrip sleeve, you will prefer the soft firmness. Choose this one if you’re not sure.

If you want to feel secure but with wiggle room, the medium firmness is a good choice. It offers strong but not overwhelming pressure.

If you prefer the extreme — the very edge of comfort — the hard firmness might just be for you. The harder firmness makes it the least stretchy and adaptable to your body, so we recommend this firmness only for fans of a tight experience.


Each of the three firmnesses has a different pattern inside.


You can use the sleeves from either the top or bottom hole, for two different experiences. The sleeves can also be flipped and used inside-out for a relaxing slightly-bumped feeling.

Easy cleaning

The sleeves turn cleaning into a quick and easy job. Just rinse the sleeve with water immediately after use — it’s that simple.

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