In today’s world, almost anything done in real life can be replicated in the virtual realm. Sex and romance are no exception. Many people are using virtual sex and sex toys to maintain a healthy sex life with their long-distance partner.

Even couples who are geographically close, engage in virtual sex to heat things up and add variety. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, virtual sex (or cybersex) is an excellent addition to keep your sex life intriguing and steamy.

Next up are simple tips for having a pleasurable virtual sex experience. And good luck to you as you try them out.

Virtual Sex: Check Your Tech

Before engaging in cybersex with your partner, check that the internet connection is at its best. Can you imagine the frustration? What’s worse than trying to get it on, but the connection keeps breaking? Or what could ruin a perfect climax more than having the connection suddenly go off when you’re about to have the most awesome toe-curling orgasm? Prepare yourself instead, and get the real experience.

Wear What Makes You Feel Sexy

Wear an outfit that will make you look amazing and sexy. It will go a long way in boosting your emotional confidence during Facetime or Skype sex with your partner. Don’t just turn up in weekend hair and sweatpants. Unless, of course, that’s your jam!

It’s not about what you think your partner would like, remember, this is about what makes YOU feel sexy. It’s a very intimate scenario, so make sure you feel your best and most comfortable.

Begin Your Foreplay by Sexting

Saucy texts, chats, voice messages, and photos can be used to get the party started. If you are shy, start with texts, as it’ll help you feel less intimidated and give you enough time to collect your thoughts.

If you’re still unsure of what to say, get inspired by reading some erotic fiction and pick out words that sound more natural and less forced to you.

Remember, its all about practice, and it’s all in good spirits. You are meant to enjoy yourself, not worry about coming across a certain way. Feel free to be yourself and it will be the sexiest experience for your partner.

Virtual Sex = Webcam and Video

Dress less, mess up your hair, flaunt that sultry body, and show your partner what they’re missing. Webcam or video sex, if done right, can indeed match the real thing.

You could up your foreplay by doing a striptease and giving each other commands on ways to pleasure yourselves. This is when you really start to break down those barriers.

Don’ts of Webcam Sex

Staying safe is very important. There are some small steps you can take to make sure you are protected if anything leaks later on:

  • Don’t let your face show in the pictures and videos.
  • Avoid showing birthmarks and things that could identify you in a video.
  • Delete history immediately and ensure your significant other does too.
  • Avoid using Instagram filters to avoid accidentally uploading the photos to your social media account. 

Use Internet Enabled Sex Toys

There are virtual toys with wireless connection that lets you send virtual commands and control the pleasure of another from a distance.

The trend is on a rise, so make sure you look for toys that will give you and your partner the best possible experience. Incorporating these smart sex toys with webcam or video will make the virtual sex experience more real and satisfying to virtual lovers. Besides, sex toys in general is a wall to climb, so when you first cross that line you have a new world of pleasure coming your way (pun intended)!

Role Play and Fantasy

There are many websites offering people the chance to indulge in fantasy sex by creating an online avatar that would partake in sexual intercourse with their partner or other people’s avatar. Check out some virtual sex games here to get you started.

Our Conclusion

Virtual sex offers a new way to keep your love life robust and interesting. Explore your longings and don’t be afraid of experimenting with different cyber-sex options! Whether the world is on a lockdown or not, the virtual sex world is a platform of pleasure – so get connected, creative and content!

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