When the first male sex toy broke out of the closet in the 1960s, the thought of more powerful versions emerging in just a few decades was unthinkable. Despite our skepticism, masturbation tools for men have evolved. From weird, limb-like sex dolls to ultra-modern, classy, and pleasurable sexual power-houses – today’s masturbation machines takes it to a whole new level!

With the stigma around male masturbation slowly dissolving, male sexual products are procuring visibility in mainstream markets. What seemed like a bright but elusive future for male sex toys – has now arrived with a bang.

From virtual reality simulations to electrifying auto-blows and teledildonics, here is a deeper exploration into the male sex toy journey.

Masturbation Machines: Where it all began…

Male masturbation tools have actually been around for thousands of years. While technologically advanced masturbation machines have only acquired fame recently, men have been masturbating since time immemorial. And have always invented creative ways of jerking off.

Historically, our ancestors devised some ancient ways of veering off, with the most common being the use of stale bread smeared with olive oil (to serve as lube). Over time, men shifted to using warm fabrics, before puffed-up sex dolls eventually sufficed in the 90s. 

Although it was a relief to finally slide their penises into vagina-like orifices, these male masturbation tools simply failed to measure up.  They were overly manual and unrealistic in appearance. They also failed to imbue men with the power to fully explore their bodies with acute precision and skill.

Unfortunately, most people also still frowned upon sexual products, and only some men had the balls to exit a sex store carrying an artificial vagina. 

Luckily, technology and digitization heeded to men’s restrained sexual cries, and eventually, masturbation tools for men began to catch up.

How Has Digitization Impacted Masturbation Machines?

Internet and technology as a whole signaled new dawn to various facets of intimacy, with solo-play nabbing the lion’s share. With the internet came the prevalent consumption of pornography, which prompted a major forward leap for male masturbation.

With men able to jerk off to their favorite sex scenes, and in a private setting, potential male sex toy manufacturers saw a niche and jumped in while it was still hot. The first to arrive was the manual strokers which often somewhat resembled a real vagina. The market is huge for this kind of manual stroker today, but mostly because it’s convenient for manufacturers. Now, years later, more sex toy producers has come up with improved and high-functioning masturbation tools, which brings technology to the mix.

While perfectly syncing sexual desires and innovation, we’ve witnessed an eruption of automatic masturbators, teledildonics, sleeves, high-tech male strokers, sexual robots, prostate massagers, and more. And what has that meant for the quality of masturbation?

The Rewards….

  • Today, a smartphone with a fast internet connection is all you need, and you will have your favorite device delivered right at your doorstep.
  • Men are no longer relying on imaginations to jerk off. Porn and interactive videogames have replaced still photos in magazines, and no one is complaining. Most people are not complaining, is a safer way to put it probably. Virtual reality has opened up a world of possibilities where men can thwart themselves into a virtual reality of real people having sex. 
  • These tools are not just reserved for solo-play. We are lucky to be able to bring our partners aboard our interesting and pleasurable journeys. Self-exploration and endless orgasms are something to be shared with loved ones! And who knew, studies show it actually grows the relationship and the individuals in it.
  • Masturbating today is at its best; guilt-free, soothing, pain-free, and most importantly, satisfying. This was only a dream for men, just a few decades back!
  • Straight, gay, young, old, 8-inched or not, we are not leaving anyone behind. The world’s best male sex toy manufacturers are constantly contemplating better ways of elevating your sexual experiences through affordable products.

Despite the commendable milestones so far, the future remains bright. And we would be honored to bring you along. Try out the Handy masturbator today and experience a once-in-a-lifetime climactic orgasm, which is clear proof of how far masturbation tools for men have come. Want to find out more? Read a Handy review to see what our customers think!

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