Throughout time, the sex toy industry has advanced. Now we can rely on a lot of toys and accessories, but mostly for women. When we’re talking about male sex toys, there are not many options to choose from.

Most of the existing ones are not quite what we would expect. If the women’s sex toys are in constant development, always improving in order to achieve maximum pleasure, the male sex toys have mostly remained unchanged since 1998’s first Fleshlight.

Of course, talking about toys, we can’t forget about the classic play-dolls that may be an option. Unfortunately, they are either too big or expensive, if we mention the ultra-realistic ones. Most men would still choose to go for a classic and easy to store device.

The classic masturbators are not really something one may search for. They are often made out of silicone or rubber, and may not bring the best sensations due to the hardness of those materials.

Often they are advertised with different textures or promising to replicate porn-star feels. Still, according to the people’s reviews, it can feel very rough on the skin. Sometimes creating quite the opposite of what they were expecting.

Can One Sex-Toy Fit Them All?

People are different, and creating a male sex toy to fit every size and shape can be hard. There are, of course, a lot of things to take into consideration.

The power needs to be good. The fit should be proper for everyone. And the stroke adjustable, as different people will require different sensations. If you also add in special features like waterproofing, the possibility to sync the motions with your favorite adult movies and wifi control, the story changes, taking the pleasant activity to new lengths.

The real question, is why aren’t male sex toys so popular? Well, this depends on who you ask. Some people believe that there isn’t really a demand for them, as men prefer simple things or the real deal over toys. Others think that marketing is not doing a fantastic job of promoting them. The shapes, looks, and packaging are not very appealing, making them look inappropriate in most cases.

Another important aspect people look out to is cleaning. The conventional fleshlights can be very tricky to clean due to their different shapes, textures, and restricted, one-way access to the bottom. Truth be told, no one would like their favorite toy to become unusable for such a reason.

The Innovation of Male Sex-Toys

It is about time men are provided with some great toys to satisfy their needs, be easy to use, and remove the ‘taboo’ air around the idea.  Society finds it perfectly acceptable for women to be able to buy sex toys whenever they need it. Still, it sometimes puts certain labels on men for doing so.

As the world is progressing, the old habits and ideas are being disqualified by the new, open-minded ones, giving a new concept of freedom. Everyone should feel good about who they are, and we’re thankful we have all the means to do so.

To conclude, there aren’t really a lot of male sex toys, and they are really not as innovative as they could. There is room for improvement, and it’s something we are truly motivated about! The future starts now!

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