Male masturbation is a safe and healthy way not only to turn yourself on, but also to improve your sleep, relieve stress and release built-up sexual tension. In fact, the solo play has various benefits with no downside;  and it is a lot of fun!

Below are some great tips on masturbation to try out, if you are a beginner and want to spice up your masturbation sessions. You can create vagina-like feelings by using male masturbation machines, or maybe some things you have at home, if you are feeling creative?! Keep reading and learn more about it.  

Use Enough Lube

Some men masturbate without lube or do not use it enough. And if you are one of them, then now is the time! The right lubricant, and enough use of it, can play an important role in making the feeling of masturbation elevated. It is the single most essential component if you want to create an authentic sensation.

There are different types of lubes to try out, 3 being the main ones;

Oil based lube: Oil based lube is a long lasting lube which is a plus. Remember though, that if you use it whilst having sex with a female partner, it has been claimed that oil based lube breaks down latex.

Water based lube: Water based options are safe to use with condoms, but we are talking masturbation, so lets leave that aside. (It was worth a mention though.) Other positives is that these lubes don’t stain. If you are planning on masturbating in the shower, however, these ones will not hold up.

Silicone based lube: Whilst also being long-lasting, silicone lube does not interfere with latex, and is the most slippery, which makes for a great masturbation experience. It is often the most expensive option though, so try them all and see which one you prefer.

Use Various Hand Techniques

When you masturbate, try to swap hands or use both hands instead of just one. Don’t be afraid to try various hand techniques as even the easiest change in how tight you grip, how you hold your hand or which finger you are using can change the experience.

You can also try different positions, or timings and strengths. And, some say, sitting on your hand until it falls asleep makes it feel like a stranger is doing it. One can’t have such an article without having that mentioned!

Use Male Masturbation Machines

Although we might be somewhat biased, masturbation machines is another level. There are different masturbation machines or sex toys available you could try out. Strokers are often made of squishy, soft silicon that is formed in a sleeve which “slips” over the penis. With the right amount of lubricant, these sleeves give multiple sensations during masturbation.

You can easily use the above-mentioned tips, but just remember that there is no good or right way to masturbate. Experiment with styles and techniques. Take your time, that’s the fun part, and find out what helps turn you on.


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