A high-tech automatic masturbation machine

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You can cancel your order at any time for a full refund
14 days no questions asked return policy

14 Day Open Return Policy

Handy is a powerful masturbation machine, and we trust you will be very satisfied with your purchase. However in the unlikely event that you would like to return it, we have decided to offer a 14 days no questions asked return policy!

How it works!

You can cancel the pre-order at any time before your Handy is shipped.

You can try your Handy for 14 days to see if it does the job.

If you want to use the Satisfaction Guarantee and return the Handy™ within 14 days, we need you to send an e-mail to returns@thehandy.com. The return shipping address depends on where you are based and you will get further information when you reach out.


Why Pre-order?

We have launched a pre-order campaign that we intend to run before each production batch going forward. This gives our customers the option to get the Handy for a lower price in exchange for a longer delivery time. It also enables us as a company to plan production batches in order to meet the demand.

The Handy Pre Order Process Explained:

Buy your Handy

The earlier you buy, the more you save.

Receive you Handy

The products will be produced end of March and shipped out to customers within first week of June 2021.

Try your Handy for 14 days

Handy works both online and offline, so make sure you try all the available features within the 14 days to make sure you get the full experience.

A Masturbation Machine Ready For The Future

Adjustable Strokes, up to 10 strokes per second (600 per minute)
Perfect Movie Sync - visit Handyfeeling.com
Let your partner control Handy with Remote Control functional from any browser
Most powerful motor on the market with a brushless motor and 10 built in sensors
Simple cleaning. The sleeve is outside the machine which makes it super easy to clean after use
One size fits all. Our velcro band allows you to adjust the grip strength and makes it 100% suitable for all sizes

Frequently Asked Question

Payments & Shippings

We ship worldwide, yet some countries has import restrictions regarding sex toys. If you are unsure about restrictions in your country or if you still want to purchase although your country has restrictions, contact us at contact@thehandy.com. Note that all orders sent to countries with restrictions is on buyers own risk.
Yes, you can update delivery details up until two days before delivery. Notify us by sending an email to contact@thehandy.com and be sure to add your order number doing so.
We are currently using Stripe and Paypal.

Support & returns

Yes, you can cancel your pre-order any time before the product has been shipped.
We offer a "14 days satisfaction guarantee". The 14 days trial starts from the moment the Handy™ shipment is received by the customer. A refund will be given to the same card that the Customer used in the original purchase. You will be liable to pay all shipping costs, customs/duties clearance and handling costs. In any case, the Customer forfeits the right to cancel the order for the Handy™ in question should the Seller, at his own discretion uncover any of the following: That the returned Product, and/or its packaging is not intact; That the returned Product is without its original external and/or internal packaging; That the returned Product is missing components included in the delivery Please send an e-mail to returns@thehandy.com in order to proceed with this guarantee. Please note: It is very important that you set the invoice amount to 10 EUR/USD. The machine is not usable again and we will only use this for demonstration purposes – hence the low value to avoid double taxation.
We try to answer all incoming inquiries within 24 hours during business days. Send an email to contact@thehandy.com and we'll be happy to assist you.


Besides using the device “stand alone”, there are several online functions for you to try to get the best out of your Handy™. Remote Control This function allows your partner to control the movements of your Handy™ from anywhere in the world using a smart phone, computer, tablet etc that is connected to Wi-Fi. Follow this guide on how to use the remote function: https://www.handysetup.com/use-remote-function.html Videos On our website Handyfeeling.com we have a selection of free scripted adult movies that can be watched in sync with your Handy™. Visit https://handyfeeling.com/videos To be able to watch the video content, be sure that your Handy™ is connected to Wi-Fi and also that you have connected your Handy™ using your Connection Key. We are constantly working on expanding our video library, so we kindly ask you to be patient. Local Video On our website Handyfeeling.com you are able to play videos – that are scripted for use with Handy™ – and watch it while in sync with your Handy™. Visit https://handyfeeling.com/local-video to upload a script and video file. It is explained in our page how to find scripts. Virtual Reality Our partner SexLikeReal has implemented Handy™ for users to watch high quality VR adult videos while synced with Handy™. Simply subscribe at https://www.sexlikereal.com/ Remember to have your Handy™ connected to Wi-Fi and thereafter go to the settings menu on SLR and press “Connect To Handy”. It is adviseable to make sure that the content you want to watch is integrated with Handy™, as they haven’t included their whole library for for Handy™ users. OPEN API Open API (Application Programming Interface) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. In other words; it’s a solution that makes it possible for third parties to make apps or software to control the Handy™. For all of you who wants to check out our open API please visit: https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/alexandera/handy-api/1.0.0
Using lube gives a unique sensational feeling! We recommend you use only water-based lubricants that do not affect the sleeve material.
Our current sleeve is a closed sleeve.
The Handy™ was built to fit all proportions. The soft and pliable Handy™ sleeve is attached to the Handy™ with the velcro fastening "TrueGrip Band" which is fully adjustable to fit any size – one size truly fits all!


No! Handy™ works just as well without an Internet connection. In fact, the basic design is offline performance (Wi-Fi is default off). However, you need to connect the device in order to update the firmware if you would like to improve your Handy™ when new firmware is released. You also need Wi-Fi for online services such as video sync and remote control.
Yes, it can. Handy™ has Wi-Fi and can be remote controlled through the internet! Simply give your Connection Key to your partner, then he or she can go to our website handyfeeling.com and control your Handy™!
No, you do not need an external device to use Handy™. To use the machine in offline mode you don’t need anything else. If you want to use the online services (video sync and remote control) you will need a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet to configure your Handy™.

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