Think of the best orgasm you’ve ever had and imagine what it would feel like to experience ten of those. We’ve all had days when all you want is that feverish glide that a good stroke brings.

I’ve got good news; it’s easy to turn such days into an everyday feeling. If you’re trying it out for the first time or have had the pleasure of a wild stroke, then you need to know what a good male sex toy infused with the right lube can do for you.

I know it’s easier said than done. Lubes are everywhere, and it’s easy to get lost. Don’t panic; here’s everything you need to know.

What To Look Out For When Choosing The Best Lube

The Secret Formula

The best lubes often come with their fair share of limitations, but if you understand what works for you, then you already have the upper hand, and it’ll save you the time and effort.

For a start, you should primarily look for a water-based lube for the best masturbation experience. After, look for the key ingredient that makes it the best; make sure it matches well with your preferred sex toy. Some lubes are oil based and will damage a motor. 

That aside an ideal lube must be soft on your skin and gentle for your fabric. You can conduct background research on the product to ascertain its efficacy. Reviews are a great way to do just that.

The Aroma

Can a simple scent turn you on or can it shoot down any chance you have at an orgasmic reaction? Silly as it may sound, research shows that a simple smell can boost your energy levels, and sets you right for excellent sexual debauchery.

However, a Lube with the best fragrance often lands hard on your skin. Some cause rushes while others cause allergic reactions. To others, the smell of a crotch is enough to get the job done; such a scent rarely has ripple effects on your body.

The best product should find the right balance in terms of sensation and satisfaction.

Product Design

A fancy design, shape or color doesn’t necessarily shout ‘the best product’ in every case. Fair warning, the market is full of them. So, how do you choose a lube just by looking at the container?

Well, it depends on how you like it; an ideal design should fit your masturbation needs. Imagine yourself using it whilst holding your favorite sex toy. Will it be easy to apply? The lube design should make it difficult to use in seconds, as too much focus off the mission might kill the mood. Ask yourself, do you prefer the lube over the top, a vintage pump or just the travel-friendly design? Your choice should be what you feel will get the sexual beast out of you.


Remember; go for something that touches your pain points. Choose a lube that has worked for others over the years, but keep an eye for what your body needs and essentially what makes you tick. Keep in mind that a good orgasm does a lot of good for your body, and masturbation should be more of a pleasant than grueling experience.

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